Northumberland County Teams

The County is operating two Senior teams and a Veterans team in the County Championships this season. Both Senior teams are in Senior Division 2A and the Veterans are in Veterans Division 2A, having been promoted last season.

A Junior team representing the Northumbria League are playing in the Northern Region National Junior League.

The Seniors are playing all of their fixtures over this weekend at Draycott on 29th/30th November, 2014.

The division is made up of Derbyshire II, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire II, Northumberland I and Northumberland II.

The Northumberland teams are as follows:

  • First Team: Andrew Wilkinson, Graeme Barella, Dave Robson, Christine Burke and Lynsey Storey.
  • Second team: Bonne Habekost, Keith Patterson, Paul BainesDiane Cartmell and Pauline Long.

The Veterans are playing over two weekends and the first one is at Harlow on 6th/7th December, 2014.

Their division comprises: Cambridgeshire, Cheshire II, Durham, Essex II, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Yorkshire III and Northumberland.

The Northumberland team selected is Eddie Smith, Dave Robson, Geoff Salter and Karen Henry.

The Northumbria League Juniors have played in the first set of matches and and have 15 points out of a possible 27 putting them in the top five. The team that played was Arran Kent, who won seven of his nine matches, Simon Knopf and Blair Carmichael.

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