LDTTL Hotard Challenge Shield Rules


 1. Entry to the HCS is automatic for teams that lose in the FIRST ROUND ONLY (Prelims) of the Victor Ludorum Cup. Teams with a BYE in the Prelims of the Victor Ludorum Cup AND subsequent round losers are NOT eligible to play in the HCS

 2. HCS matches should be played on the Home club's usual night, although it may be played on another night in the same week by mutual agreement

  3. Each team will consist of 3 players, with each player playing two single games (21up or 2 clear points as normal) against each opposing team player i.e. 18 single games in total. There are no doubles games

  4. The first game should commence by 7:45pm and the third player must arrive by 8:45pm. Players not present at 8:45pm will be ineligible to play unless the opposing team Captain agrees that the late player can play

  5. The Handicap Committee will enter the Home and Away team names on the scorecard

  6. The Home team Captain will enter the names of the Home team against A, B and C on the scorecard first. The Away team Captain will then enter the names of the Away team against 1, 2 and 3

  7. Each player will retain A, B, C, 1, 2, or 3 throughout the match. The order of play of each game may be changed subject to Rule 4 above

  8. The score for each game should be entered under Home or Away as appropriate and totals entered in the TOTAL column

  9. At the end of the match, the Home and Away TOTAL scores should be entered by the Home Captain

10. A separate aggregate Team Handicap score for each team will be awarded by the Handicap Committee and will be sent to both Home and Away teams in sealed envelopes. The sealed envelopes must only be opened after the TOTAL scores have been entered. The Handicap scores for the Home and Away teams should be entered and added to each team’s Total Score, giving a Final score for each team

11. The team with the highest Final Score is the winner

12. Both Home and Away team Captains should sign the scorecard and the Home team Captain should forward the scorecard to the Cup Secretary within two working days of the match being played

13. The next Rounds, including Finals' Night will be in the same week(s) as the Victor Ludorum Cup

14. Any issues arising from matches or not covered in the Rules set out above should be referred in writing to the Cup Secretary and will be determined by the Handicap Committee whose decision will be final


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