REMINDER about Cup and Divisional Trophies

All, please may you be reminded that we have specific League Officers who carry out specific roles, and you MUST always deal with correct one for which the matter relates to


Tony Durnford is our Honourable Cup Secretary, who will happily handle everything cup related. This includes the draw, the scorecards, the fixtures and results etc.... You can contact him on 01582 758840, else email him ->


I am the Fixtures Secretary for League Fixtures only, as well as maintaining our website and working alongside Dave Collom and Val Murdoch with Membership Management. I am happy to deal with anything related to these, but that's quite enough :)


Dave Collom is our Registrations Secretary and as said above is also a Membership Manager, and is equally happy to deal with these matters of course


ALL League Officers have plenty of work to do in their respective roles, so please do bear this in mind when you are about to contact any one of us, so that you contact the right person, and are not just creating extra work


Many many thanks and all the best for now



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