Handicap Knockout Cup – Season 2017-18

Player handicaps will be based on last season's individual match results & ranking lists provided by clubs.

The team named first is the Home Team. Matches to be played on Home Team's normal playing night


Billericay A v Billericay D Result 1-5

Semi Finals - week commencing 12th March 2018:

Monday          Billericay A v Billericay Sports B   Result 5-3

Wednesday    Mountnessing D v Billericay D   Result 2-5


Quarter Finals - week commencing 22nd January 2018:

Wednesday  Mountnessing D v Buttsbury A    Result 5-4

Monday        Billericay D v Billericay C    Result 5-0 (conceded)

Tuesday        Writtle B v Billericay A     Result 2-5 

Tuesday        Billericay Sports B v Buttsbury B    Result 5-3


Second round – week commencing 20 November 2017:

Monday        Billericay D v Brentwood A  Result 5-3

Monday        Mountnessing B v Buttsbury A  Result 0-5

Monday        Billericay C v Hutton St Josephs  Result 5-3

Tuesday        Buttsbury B v Brentwood C  Result 5-2

Tuesday        Buttsbury D v Writtle B  Result 2-5

Tuesday        Buttsbury E v Billericay A  Result 1-5

Wednesday  Mountnessing D v Buttsbury F Result 6-3

Friday            Mountnessing F v Billericay Sports B  Result 0-5 (conceded)


First round – week commencing 18 September 2017:

Monday Billericay C v Basildon                               - Result 5-0 (Walkover)

Monday Billericay B v Billericay D                           - Result 4-5

Tuesday Billericay Sports B v Brentwood Hard    - Result 6-3

Tuesday Brentwood A v Billericay Sports C           - Result 5-2

Tuesday Brentwood B v Writtle B                            - Result 2-5

Tuesday Brentwood C v Writtle A                            -  Result 5-3

Tuesday Buttsbury B v Mountnessing E                 -  Result 5-4

Tuesday Buttsbury C v Billericay A                          -  Result 2-5

Tuesday Buttsbury F v Hutton A                              -   Result 5-1

Monday Mountnessing B v Writtle C                       -  Result 5-1

Monday Hutton B v Hutton St. Josephs                  -  Result 3-6



Buttsbury YTTC A

Buttsbury YTTC D

Buttsbury YTTC E

Mountnessing TTC D

Mountnessing TTC F

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