League and KO cup competitions


1.            HANDICAP KO CUP


The KO Cup will be a straight forward knockout cup for all teams in all divisions.

Individual matches will be played up to 56 points and the conclusion of a match will be when a team wins 5 games.



There is a separate league cup competition for the teams in each division.



This competition will involve all teams in Division 1, and will be a straight knockout competition.


GRAMPIAN TROPHY for Division 2

This competition will involve all teams in Division 2, and will be a straight knockout competition.



This competition will involve all teams in Division 3, and will be a straight knockout competition.


All 3 Divisional Competitions will be played in a slightly different format to the KO Cup, whereby the match winner will be the team with the most points after all 9 singles matches, played to 56 points up, are completed.


In the event of a tie on points, the team with the higher number of outright single game victories will progress.




1.       Matches will be between teams of three players, each playing one game up to 56 points, against each member of the opposing team.


2.       A game is deemed to be complete when either player has scored 56 points. This means that a player can win 56-55.


3.       All games should start with the score at each player’s individual respective handicap; e.g. Player A’s handicap is 23 and Player B’s handicap is 36, so if Player A serves first the scoring starts at 23 - 36.


4.       Service will change after each multiple of five points scored, including the starting score (so in the example above, the player serving first will only have 1 serve [to take the score to a total of 60 points] before serve changes over, then serves will progress 5 per player). 


5.      Calculation for working out when to change ends for up to 56 Handicap Cup Matches :

Player A handicap is 6 and Player B Handicap is 25.

Player A would change ends at 31. Calculation is 56 – 6 = 50 / 2 = 25 + 6 = 31

Player B would change ends at 40. Calculation is 56 – 25 = 31 / 2 = 15.5 + 25 = 40.5, rounded down to 40


Individual handicaps will be broadly similar to those allocated last season, (if available) but some minor adjustments may be made before or during the competition to reflect performance for the season to date and/or results.  

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