Volunteering to be a coach or assistant

ADTTA has an active development strategy to improve the standard of play at all ages and to increase the numbers of players participating in the sport. This needs an active coaching strategy.

In the Aberdeen and District area, there are currently 7 coaches qualified at UKCC Level 2 and 21 at UKCC Level 1. There are also several coaching assistants who have taken the UKCC Introductory coaching course. These coaches operate at ASV, in TT clubs such as Triangle, in many schools throughout City and Shire, at Aberdeen University and at Sports Centres where over 50s/60s sessions take place.

The amount of coaching being done is limited mainly by the availability of coaches or coaching assistants and ADTTA is always looking for additional volunteers to help at any of these venues. There are opportunities for coaching players in schools (P4 upwards) and for over 60s. It does not need to be a major commitment – one hour a week may mean that we can start up another coaching session such as a lunchtime club in a school or an after-school club. Also you do not need to be an expert player – see more details under ‘Coaching courses available’.

Please contact development@aberdeentabletennis.com if you are interested in taking a coaching course.

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