1.      (a) The league shall be known as "The Kidderminster and District Table Tennis League" and its objects shall be the furtherance of amateur Table Tennis.

(b) The income and property of the League shall be applied solely to its stated object.

(c) No member of the League shall receive payments for there service as a member.

(d) In the event of dissolution, any income or property of the League shall not be distributed among the members but be devoted to a League with similar aims or to a philanthropic or charitable purpose approved by the Customs and Excise.

2.      The League shall be affiliated to TT ENGLAND

3.      The game shall be played under TT ENGLAND rules.

4.      Matches in all the division shall be arranged as follows:-

Teams will consist of three players, each of whom will play a single set against each of the opposing team. In addition ONE DOUBLES SET SHALL be played and if desired, the doubles players may be different from those playing in the singles. In all matches, single and doubles, sets will be the best of five games. (Eleven up).

5.  Matches shall commence not later than 7.30 p.m.or earlier, providing both teams agree. Time of start to be shown on score cards. In the event of no players being present by 7.45 p.m., the match can then be claimed by the team in attendance. All players shall be in attendance by 8.30p.m. If any player is not in attendance by this time the opposition may claim the three games. In the event of non-attendance by any players a substitute will be allowed, provided that such substitute be qualified by registration. etc., to play.

The captains shall appoint an umpire before the commencement of each set. This duty shall be undertaken alternatively by each team.

6.      The Home Captain shall enter the Home Teams' player’s names first on the scorecard followed by the Away Teams' captain. The order of play will be as the scorecard - except by mutual consent of both Captains, where Players need to leave early or are late arriving, but before 9.00pm.


  1. Result cards will be provided these must be in the hands of the Webmaster/Cup secretary 3 days after the match is played the weekend to be ignored. The Home team is responsible for sending the card, If a card is late after the first One then any subsequent cards they will be fined £5 per card

8.      For wins of 10-nil, 9-1, and 8-2, four points will be awarded to the winning team. Wins of 7-3 and 6-4, will earn the winning team three points only, the other point will be credited to the losing team. Teams making a draw will be awarded two points each. In the event of a tie on points at the end of each season, the best for and against games average will decide the position in the League Table.

9.      The League shall consist of one or more Divisions. The number of teams in each Division to be determined by the Management Committee prior to the commencement of each season.

At the end of each season, the three lowest teams in each division shall be relegated. and the three highest teams promoted - Except division 1 and 2, whereby the rule only two up and two down will apply - in the case of 10 teams two up and two down in each division. This automatic promotion/relocation system may be suspended if the league management committee decides upon a change in the format of the league (i.e. the number of divisions and/or the number of teams in each division) from that of the preceding season.


10. (a) The home match night of each team will be stated in the League handbook. Matches shall be played during the week stated in the handbook. or earlier. The only exceptions being due to non-availability of venue, extreme weather conditions or other exceptional circumstances (such cases to be decided by the Divisional Secretary).or as specified in rule 10 (b).

(b) Up to 2 rearranged matches per team will be permitted for unspecified reasons provided that: both teams agree to postponement; 48 hours’ notice is given by the team requesting the postponement; the Divisional Secretary is advised immediately

(c) Matches re-arranged in accordance with 10 (a) must be played within four weeks of the date specified for the fixture in the League handbook. Any fixture not completed within this period will be subject to the ruling of the Management Committee.

(d) When a Match is claimed, conceded or awarded, the Team credited with the win shall nominate the three players who would have played in the Match, and these players shall be credited with three win's each.

11.  The match tables are recommended to be illuminated by a least three 150 watt lamps or their equivalent.

12.  (a) Completed team forms and league fees are to be paid at the time of application for entry, and shall be £45 per senior team of 6 players - extra signings over and above a team of 6 £10 per player. Juniors £25.00 per team, extra signing free. This does not include the cost of TT ENGLAND membership, and each member should check the TT ENGLAND website for their own individual cost. If a team from the previous season splits into two teams, each team containing a minimum of two from the 'old teams' players may enter the league the following season at the cost of one senior team. These fees shall be inclusive of all monies due to the League, with the exception of any fines imposed on the club. The fees shall be subject to review at each Annual General Meeting, and the stipulated charges will apply regardless of the number of players registered. (For this purpose a junior team is defined as one in which two or more regular players are juniors within the TT ENGLAND Rules, i.e., are under seventeen years of age on July 1st preceding the start of the season).

(b) All fines for previous seasons must be paid in full when a team is entered for the following season.

(c) Any team withdrawing from the League after the commencement of the season shall be liable to a fine of £10.00.

(d) No team applications will be accepted after the date of application, which will follow the date of the AGM in the handbook. The Management Committee has discretion to accept late entries subject to a £20 surcharge per team.


(e) A fine of £5 per match (Juniors £2.50) will be made against any team that fields an unregistered or lapsed TT ENGLAND member.

(f) Any team fielding an unregistered or lapsed TT ENGLAND member shall have that player’s games scratched.

(g) Once the Team Application form has been accepted by the committee ANY changes to Venue or Match Night are only allowed at the discretion of the committee.

13.  All fines and monies due to the League shall be paid within seven days of demand.

14.  A player may only register for one Club in the K & D.T.T.L. at any one time. The registration of all players in all divisions of the K & D.T.T.L. will be accepted only at the sole discretion of the league management committee and subsequently during the course of the season by the relevant Divisional Secretary. In the event of a player wishing to transfer from one club to another within the season, the new team club secretary must write to the relevant division secretary to inform him of the player's name and previous club.

A copy of this letter must also be sent to the secretary of the previous club.

A transferred player cannot play for his new club until after seven days from the date or postmark, of the transfer letter.

New players to any team who have not previously registered may play for their team only if notification or registration is made to the Match Secretary, at least 24 hours before the match in question. However, no registration may take place during the last six weeks of the league fixtures - exceptional cases may be accepted at the management's approval.

Additional players may be registered during the season by notifying the relevant divisional secretary & the League secretary, in writing giving all the registration details, plus the player’s previous experience together with the registration fee. Should a player be considered too strong for that division his/hers registration may not be accepted.

15.  Clubs with two or more teams:-

(a).   In all divisions at least three players must be registered with the "A" team (and where a club has three teams at least three for "B" team, etc.)

(b). A member of any team may not play for a lower team unless properly transferred in accordance with Rule 14.

(c).  Once a player has transferred to another team within the same club and has already played 6 games for the higher team, he may only play for the team to which he has been transferred for the rest of the season.

Further, no transfers shall be allowed during the last six weeks of League fixtures. Players may not play for a higher team if that team is in the same division as the registered players own team, unless he be transferred according to Rule 14.

(d). A member of a "B" team may play for an "A" team not more than 6 times. A member of a "C" team may play for the "A" and "B" teams not more than a total of 6 times and so on.

(e).  Having played 6 times in a higher team (or teams) a player may not again play for a higher team until he has been transferred to the team in accordance with rule 14


(a).   Due notice of the Annual General Meeting must be given to all the team secretaries, who must arrange for at least one representative of their team to attend the meeting on behalf of their team. A fine of £20 will be imposed upon any team for a representative non - attendance.

(b). Due notice of the Handbook Meeting must be given to all the club secretaries, who must arrange for at least one representative to attend the meeting on behalf of their team. A fine of £10 will be imposed upon any team for a representative non - attendance.

17.  The league shall be governed by:-

(a).  A management committee, consisting of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and six other members nominated by the General Meeting (allowing for each Division to be represented at least once)

(b). The Management Committee shall have the power to make all decisions other than those covered by the rules. Also to institute fines and disciplinary action where necessary and to make all decisions on league disputes or postponed matches.

18.  Protests or any other business to be dealt with by the Management Committee must be handed in to the League Secretary at least seven days before a meeting.

19.  Any team not abiding by the Management Committee decisions shall be barred from playing in the League. No refund of money shall be made. Any team leaving the League for any reason shall have the matches it has played deleted from the record.

20.  All trophies awarded for the League Team Knock- Out or Individual Tournaments shall be held by the winners for one season and shall remain the property of the League, whose responsibility it will be to insure them. All trophies must be returned at the Management Committee Meeting, held in JANUARY. A Sub-Committee will be appointed at the December Meeting to deal with any missing trophies and to assess any damage to the trophies. A fine of £1 per week will be levied after the due date and the onus of these fines for the team trophies will be borne by the club, and of the individual trophies will be borne by the holder(s).

(a).  When two or more players tie for the "most wins" competition they shall each receive an identical award regardless of the number of games they have played.

21.  The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be held within one month of the last fixture being played. Rules may only be altered at this meeting. Items for the agenda (including alterations of rules) should be sent in writing to the Secretary not less than seven days before the meeting.

Amendments to any proposals may be accepted at the A.G.M

22.  Details of all fines imposed shall be recorded in the minutes of the Management Committee Meeting each month and shall be published in the monthly circular.

Any club wishing to appeal against a fine imposed shall advise the League Secretary accordingly, and all such appeals will be Considered at the next meeting of the Management Committee.

23.  That if the constituent members of a team drastically alters at the end of any season, the team's further continued participation in any division, is to be determined by the League Management Committee.

24.  No Team will be accepted into the League unless its secretary has provided the names and registration details of at least three players.

25.  All League Rules shall apply to the Regent, Vice President's, Jackson Handicap Cup & Rudge Pairs unless specifically excluded by individual cup rules.

26.  No other match or competition falling under the auspices of K&DTTL may be played on finals night

27.  The management committee may co-opt invited persons onto Various sub-committees that may be set up from time to time in order to enhance the K&DTTL.

28.  All K&DDTL Events will use a Poly Ball Approved by the I.T.T.F. from 2016/2017 onwards.


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