Worcestershire County Inter-League 2017 Competition

On Sunday 15th Jan 2017 an Interleague Match was held at St Egwin's, CE Middle School, Worcester Road, Evesham, WR11 4JU, comprising of teams from Bromsgrove, Kidderminister, Dudley, Evesham, Worcester and leagues.


1. Kidderminster A - Jason Thompson, Jamie Cartwright, Steve Horton

2. Evesham A - Dave Harvey, Matt Hartwell, Nick Mytton

3. Bromsgrove/Redditch - Ben Bennett, Pat McCabe, Kosma Kustra

4. Kidderminster B - Dave Rodgers, Mark Brookes, Pete Canavan

5. Dudley - James Johnson, Mark Nicholls, Dan Brook

6. Worcester - Brett Brining, Graham Thompson, Mark Clinton

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