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England sweep up the golds
England swept the board at the Butterfly Schools’ Invita...
England boys swept through every match 5-0, while England girls are also unbeaten after the first...
Liam Pitchford added to his list of impressive recent victories and avenged a Commonwealth Games ...
Table Tennis England and Ping Pong Fight Club are ‘paving the way for women in ping pong’ with th...
The draft version of the Table Tennis England Annual Review 2017/18 has been published and we are...
The home team will be aiming for multiple medals as England takes its turn to host the Butterfly ...
Recent Match Reports

Culcheth E (21 - 14) Warrington C ppong

Kevin Eden ineligible to play as had only played 2 matches previously (League Rule 35). Therefore, his games won are forfeit.

Full report and card

Written by: Phil Hudson for match on

Jaguar Land Rover (1 - 30) Warrington A ppong

JLR struggling to find a 3rd player due to family circumstances

Full report and card

Written by: Olivier Barthelemy for match on

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