Important Notices

2nd Round Draw

Matches to be played in week commencing 5th  February





Roger Hales :

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Match Cards

Another change this year is the way we receive your results. The preferred option will be

option 1 for you to scan your result card and email it to

option 2 is to take a photo and either email that image or to 07910557866

option 3 is to post it. Change of address to last year. R.Hales, 38, Oldfield Avenue, Sheffield S6 6DQ

If you have used either option 1 or 2 you do not need to post as well, save a stamp !!!!

Roger Hales :

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TTE Player Registration

It is absolutely vital that you are all registered players with Table Tennis England before you play your first match otherwise your results cannot be entered and consequently the match score will be affected.

To register you need to either go online at

and follow the instructions or

phone 01908 208898.

The cost is £14 for adults and £7 for under 18s

Roger Hales :

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Wakefield Facebook Page

Please note that Stuart Sykes has set up a league facebook page just put in Wakefield Table Tennis League and ask to join the 20 or so already on there

Roger Hales :

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At the AGM it was decided that the rules could be changed to allow players at the same venue to help other teams, based at that venue, if they were unable to raise a full side. This should however only be used as a last resort, and not as a tactical move to assist a team in winning a match. If the committee feel that such a move has been made then the points will be awarded to the other team.

Dave Parnham :

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