Match Report

Denbury Tykes got back to winning ways with a great 8-2 win over TTTA2.

The whole evening was played in a fantastic spirit, starting with Elsa taking Paul to 5 games before his consistency saw him through 11-6 in the 5th.

The next three sets were won in three straight with Pat beating Elsa and Tim, and Ben hitting fantastically to beat Huw in an extremely open game.

With the score at 3-1, Paul met Ben with Paul managing to stop Ben’s superb top spin and win a tactical set in 4.

In the final 4 singles Tim was beaten by both Huw and Paul, Huw managed to outhit Elsa, and then much to Pat’s surprise he found himself 2-0 up against Ben before the latter managed to sort out the right tactics and then hit magnificently through Pat’s defence and won in 5 games.

The final doubles was again a tactical affair with Paul and Pat coming out on top in 4 games to secure an 8-2 win.

Well played to everyone as it was a really enjoyable match with some superb rallies from all.

Written by:Tony Halse
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