Match Report

This match saw all the Brixham debutants' introductions to the league in at the deep end with another tough match against a very competent Grove outfit, the new team playing out of Totnes.
As per last week, Brixham stalwart Marilyn Parton took the sole game for Swifts as Daniel Thornton let his first win slip away from him as The Grove's Jupiter Jones grew ever confident against Daniel's blocking long-pimple defence coming back from two games down to win 3-2.
Well done to David Pearson and Nemo Jones in their first ever match in the league, both taking maximums, and also well done to Jackson Blood who stuck to his natural game well despite coming away without a set. 
A fun evening against good company who, with quite a strong squad, could be contenders for the Div 4 title.




Written by: Alan Maynard
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