South Devon & Torbay Table Tennis League - Dyment Shield (Team Handicap Doubles)

Dyment Doubles Final - Denbury Tykes  0 v  5 Torbay Academy I, Wed 13th May, Denbury

Torbay Academy I, Dyment Shield Winners.  Dyment Shield Final Scorecard

Round 1 - Matches to be played before or on week commencing 12th January 2015

Round 2 - Matches to be played by 6th February 2015

Quarter Finals - Matches to be played week commencing 23rd February 2015

Semi Finals & Final - Matches to be played weeks commencing 20th & 27th April 2015

Final to be played at a neutral venue

It is the responsibility of the Home Team (First team of the pair on chart below) to contact the Away Team to confirm a suitable date for the match to be played.

Individual Handicaps to be found under teams on the menu bar

Link to Handicap chart -   Handicap Chart to -60.pdf

Link to Blank Score Card  -  Dyment Doubles Blank PDF.pdf

 Round 1  Round 2  Quarter Final  Semi Final  Final
 v  Brixham Rebels 1     
 Brixham Rebels        
   v Scorecard   Denbury Tykes 5   
 Dawlish Drifters 0       
 v   Scorecard   Denbury Tykes 5     
 Denbury Tykes 5       
     Scorecard   Denbury  Tykes 5 
 Brixham Panthers X       
 v  Conceded  Panthers  Taverners 5     
   v Scorecard   Taverners 2   
 N A Owls        
 v  Conceded by Aces  N A Owls 1     
 Dawlish Aces X       
      v Scorecard   Denbury Tykes
 v  Torre Warriors     
 Torre Warriors        
   v Scorecard   Torbay Academy IV 0   
 Brixham Diamonds X       
 v conceded  Diamonds  Torbay Academy IV 5     
 Torbay Academy IV        
     v Scorecard   Torbay Academy II 2 
 N A Hawks 5       
 v   Scorecard   N A Hawks 0     
 Hasbeens 0       
   v  Scorecard   Torbay Academy II 5   
 Torbay Academy II        
 v  Torbay Academy II 5     
 N A Buzzards 5       
 v   Scorecard   N A Buzzards 0     
 N A Eagles 2       
   v Scorecard   Torbay Academy I 5   
 Brixham Trawlers 0       
 v  Scorecard   Torbay Academy I 5     
 Torbay Academy I 5       
     v Scorecard   Torbay Academy I 5 
 v  Halwell 5     
   v  Scorecard   Halwell 2   
 Torbay Academy III 1       
 v   Scorecard   N A Kestrels 1     
 N A Kestrels 5       
       v Scorecard   Torbay Academy I
 Torre Nadoes        
 v  Conceded  Tykes  Torre Nadoes 0     
 Marldon Tykes        
   v  Scorecard   N A Falcons    
 Battlers  0       
 v   Scorecard   N A Falcons     
 N A Falcons 5       
    Conceded  by Diamonds  NA Falcons 2 
 Dawlish Diamonds 5       
 v  Scorecard   Dawlish Diamonds 5     
 Marldon 3       
   v  Scorecard   Dawlish Diamonds X   
 Torbay Academy V        
 v  Torbay Academy V 3     

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