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FINAL  -   torbay Academy (1)  5 v 4  Marldon    Tues 20th June 2017, Denbury Village Hall


Final Scorecard

Draw took place at Committee Meeting 6.11.2016

First Round Matches scheduled for Week Beginning 21st Nov 2016. Should be played before 31st Dec 2016.

Second Round Matches scheduled for Week Beginning 6th Feb 2017.

Quarter Finals scheduled for Week Beginning 13th Mar 2017.

Semi-Finals & Final to be played Weeks Beginning 24th April & 1st May 2017

It is the responsibility of the home team (First team of the pair on the chart below) to contact the away team to confirm a suitable date for the match to be played. 

Matches may be played before the scheduled week if dates can be agreed between teams.

Individual handicaps to be found under teams on the menu bar.


 Round 1Round 2
 vN A Ospreys3
 N A Ospreys
.   v Scorecard TTTA 22
 N A Kites4          
 v  Scorecard TTTA 25
 TTTA 25
.    v Scorecard TTTA 15
 TTTA 15
 v  Scorecard TTTA 15
.    v Scorecard TTTA 15
 Brix Gulls5
 v  Scorecard Brixham Gulls4
 TTTA 32
.   v Scorecard TTTA 1
 vMarldon Tykes2
 Marldon Tykes
.    v Scorecard Brixham Pirates5
 Brix Pirates5
 v  Scorecard Brixham Pirates5
.  v  Scorecard Brixham Pirates0
 Battlers (conceded)0
 v  Dawlish Drifters4    
 Dawlish Drifters5
.   v Scorecard N A Eagles0
 N A Eagles
 vN A Eagles5
.   v
 vN A Falcons5
 N A Falcons
.   v Scorecard N A Falcons5
 Brixham Imports4
 v  Scorecard TTTA 51
 TTTA 55
.   v Scorecard N A Falcons2
 N A Owls4
 v  Scorecard Torre Tigers4
 Torre Tigers5
.   v Scorecard Torres R Us1
 Torres R Us5
 v  Scorecard Torres R Us5
 Brixham Sharks4
.    v Scorecard Marldon

v  Scorecard

N A Hawks2
.    v Scorecard Marldon5
Denbury Tykes5
v  TTTA4 concededDenbury Tykes3
.   v  Scorecard Marldon5
Brix Dolphins5
v  Scorecard Brixham Dolphins4
.   v Scorecard Dawlish Diamonds2
Dawlish Diamonds
vDawlish Diamonds5


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