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You may have received emails from various people including Table Tennis England regarding the uncertainty over the future of TT365 and Table Tennis England's proposal for an alternative system. This article is to clarify the situation as we understand it and to spell out our current position.

The current situation is that TT365's contract for provision of league management software for leagues affiliated to Table Tennis England comes to an end at the end of this season and the two parties have been unable to come to a financial agreement for a new contract. Table Tennis England have stated that they intend to develop a new system in time for next season. TT365 have proposed a direct funding mechanism whereby leagues could continue to use TT365 for £7 per player per year (£4 for juniors). For this to be financially viable they need a lot of leagues to agree (around 15000 members worth).

Related to this it is expected that there will be a proposal at the next Table Tennis England AGM to reduce the player membership fee by £7 to counterbalance the TT365 fee.

Latest position from TT365:

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Latest position from Table Tennis England:

TTE Open Letter

Our current view as a committee is that:

* We support the payment of TT365's direct fees for continued use of the system next season

* We support the motion to reduce the Table Tennis England player membership fees by £7.

Our rationale for this is that TT365 is very beneficial for league administration, popular among users and from the point of view of most league players is almost all of the visible benefit they get from Table Tennis England's player membership fee. This will be discussed and voted on at our AGM on May 9th.

Us as a league deciding to support either or both of these motions at our AGM does *not* mean that they will come to pass. If TT365 fails to get enough support across they country they will disappear even if we support them. Similarly if the motion to reduce Table Tennis England player membership fees by £7 fails to get enough votes at the Table Tennis England AGM (it needs 75%) then they will remain at £16 regardless how we vote.

This is likely to complicate the motions we present to our own AGM and the motions are likely to be presented as a pair and dependent on what scenarios actually come to pass.

Apologies for the long article, unfortunately we are in an uncertain position. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask and I will try and answer as best I can.

David Davies (General Secretary)

Author: via South Devon and Torbay Table Tennis League
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