Charles Stampe Trophy 2021-2022


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Charles Stampe Trophy - Groups

Group AChatham GannettChatham Ark RoyalCliffe Woods 2
Group BCliffe Woods 1Upnor BChatham Dorset
Group CSturdee 2Howard 2Rainham 4
Group DChatham BelfastChatham HectorBoxley 2
Group EUpnor ABoxley 1Rainham 6
Group FRainham 3Sturdee 1Chatham Endurance
Group GLuton Invicta 2Rainham 5Rainham 2
Group HHoward 1Chatham CumberlandChatham Furious

Charles Stampe Trophy - Group Matches

Matches to be played week commencing 18th October 2021

Group AChatham GannettvChatham Ark Royal
Group BCliffe Woods 1vUpnor B
Group CHoward 2vSturdee 2
Group DChatham BelfastvChatham Hector
Group EUpnor AvBoxley 1
Group FRainham 3vSturdee 1
Group GLuton Invicta 2vRainham 5
Group HChatham FuriousvChatham Cumberland


Matches to be played week commencing 14th November 2021


Group AChatham Ark RoyalvCliffe Woods 2
Group BUpnor BvChatham Dorset
Group CSturdee 2vRainham 4
Group DChatham HectorvBoxley 2
Group EBoxley 1vRainham 6
Group FSturdee 1vChatham Endurance
Group GRainham 5vRainham 2
Group HHoward 1vChatham Cumberland


Matches to be played week commencing 13th December 2021


Group ACliffe Woods 2vChatham Gannet
Group BChatham DorsetvCliffe Woods 1
Group CRainham 4vHoward 2
Group DBoxley 2vChatham Belfast
Group ERainham 6vUpnor A
Group FChatham EndurancevRainham 3
Group GRainham 2vLuton Invicta 2
Group HChatham FuriousvHoward 1
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