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As you may have heard the resolution that Kent was supporting that would have seen the Compete Membership Fee waived for the coming 21/22 season for those that paid it for 20/21 was not passed at the TTE AGM last Saturday (17th June).

For those members that did pay in 20/21 and are taking out TTE Compete membership for the 21/22 season but are still feeling aggrieved you can request a  50% reduction however this does not happen automatically and is not mentioned in the re-joining process. You need to request it first. 

You have to send a separate email and these are the details on how to do it from the TTE Website (Our membership categories and offers— Table Tennis England): 

Offer details 

If you were a 2020/21 member, get 50% off your membership fee for 2021/22 

All those who renewed their membership for 2020/21 will be offered an optional 50% discount on their basic membership for 2021/22 if they wish. 

Anyone who is a valid Compete or Compete Plus Senior member for this season will be eligible to request an £8 discount on their membership for 2021/22. The discount would be £4 for Cadets and Juniors. 

In order to take up this offer, simply let us know any time by filling in the short form here. The discount will be applied to your account and you will receive confirmation when you renew your membership after renewals open on July 19th. 

Alternatively type this address into your browser 

Why is this offer not automatic? Simply because many members have told us they want to give back to the sport and understand that their membership fee is one way to do that. Therefore, we are asking that members request a discount if they would like one. 

Please note, those who upgrade from a free membership (Supporter or Club Play) to a paid-for category (Compete or Compete Plus) are not eligible for this offer. Those who wish to remain as free Supporter or Club Play members will need to renew as normal after July 19th. 

If you have any questions, please contact 

You can read more about this offer and membership at the page mentioned above: 

Our membership categories and offers— Table Tennis England 

Of course if you are happy to contribute to the running costs of TTE for the past year then you can just re-new your Compete Membership and effectively donate the discount. TT have also, very hopefully I’d suggest, added a Donate button so that you can give them extra money should you wish. 

As usual, any questions then let me know.

Neil Le Milliere

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