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A quick heads up from the TTE AGM which has just taken place (17th July 2021)

You will need to look at the Resolution List  to remember which is which. 

The headings are For Against Abstain Uncast (attended the meeting but didn’t vote on that resolution and no figures yet available) Total (of For, Against, and Abstain) with the way our vote was cast at the end – bold indicates we matched the outcome. The percentages shown are of the votes cast For and Against and exclude the Abstains/Uncast. 

Resolution Results

1O Failed F13396 35.3%         A24611 64.75%           Ab2023            U          T40030 Kent For

2S Failed F27209 67.92%       A12582 32.08%           Ab291              U          T40082 Kent For

3S Failed F17145 43.01%       A22717 56.99%           Ab704              U          T40566 Kent Against

4S Failed F29156 73.955        A10268 26.05%           Ab1003            U          T40427 Kent For

5S Failed F19787 51.07%       A18960 48.93%           Ab599              U          T39346 Kent Against

6S Carried F33477 83.95%     A6401 16.05%             Ab564              U          T40442 Kent For

7S Failed F19069 47.03%       A21478 52.97%           Ab349              U          T40896 Kent Against

8S Failed F26886 66.15%       A13706 33.85%           Ab0                  U          T40592 Kent Against

9S Carried F32318 81.14        A7512 18.86%             Ab0                  U          T39830 Kent For

10S Failed F26861 65.29%     A14283 34.71%           Ab0                  U          T41144 Kent For

11S Carried F36399 90.65%   A3755 9.35%               A826                U          T40980 Kent For

12S Carried F39708 97.59%   A982 2.41%                 Ab143              U          T40833 Kent For

13S Failed F28711 73.40%     A10406 26.6%             Ab1420            U          T40537 Kent Against

14S Carried F38921 97.30%   A1081 2.70%               Ab312              U          T40314 Kent For

15S Failed F15712 40.64%     A22946 59.36%           Ab1699            U          T40357 Kent Against

16S Carried F40314 100         A0 0%                          Ab0                  U          T40314 Kent For

17S Failed F25632 63.07%     A15011 36.93%           Ab0                  U          T40643 Kent Against

18S Failed F18332 46.75%     A20883 53.25%           Ab466              U          T39681 Kent Against

19S Failed F15428 42.42%     A20938 57.58%           Ab2464            U          T38830 Kent Against

20S Carried F39504 99.14%   A344 0.86%                 Ab0                  U          T39848 Kent For

21O Carried F38317 95.68%   A1732 4.32%               Ab0                  U          T40049 Kent For

22AO Carried F22653 57.79% A16547 42.21%           Ab202              U          T39402 Kent Against

22O Carried F33777 86.40%   A5319%                       Ab402              U          T39498 Kent For

23S Failed F4416 11.87%       A32798 88.13%           Ab2871            U          T40085 Kent Against (Peter asked us to vote against after a change though I couldn’t do this for directed proxy I did change your instruction to me so I hope this meets with your approval)

24O Carried F25438 69.06%   A11396 30.94%           Ab1978            U          T38812 Kent For 

On the totals there is some variance to be expected with people joining and leaving the meeting but we need the Uncast figure to see how many total votes were available at the time of the vote.

Neil Le Milliere

Author: via Medway Towns Table Tennis League
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