2018 - 2019 Upcoming Events list are as follows...

Brian Warne Drawn Handicap Doubles.  Wednesday 12th September

Gordon Burns Handicap Singles.              Wednesday 19th September


Knowles Cup

First Round   Week Commencing 24th September 

Second Round  Week Commencing 22nd October

Third Round  Played BY  31st December

Forth Round  Played BY 31st January 2019 

Final Played By 29th March


  County Press Handicap Doubles           Thursday 13th December

  Division 2 Championships (Singles)      Wednesday 2nd January 2019

  Division 3 Championships (Singles)      Thursday  3rd January    

  Island Championships 

                                     Vets Over 40's Singles   Wednesday 13th February 

                                     Men's Singles                   Wednesday 27th February 

                                     Over  60's                          Wednesday 13th March 

                                     Over  70's                          To be confirmed                                                             

                                     Men's Doubles                 Sunday         7th April

                                     Women's Doubles           Sunday          7th April

                                     Mixed Doubles                 Sunday         7th April

                                     Women's Singles             Sunday         7th April

                                     Cadet / Juniors                 Saturday      20th April                                               

   Super Vets Handicap Over 60's  Singles       Sunday        14th April

   Start of Pairs League First Div only                Wednesday 20th March for 6 Weeks

 Hard Bat Singles /Doubles                                 Sunday 21st April 

             *****             Finals Night                        Monday 29th April   ****

 Summer League                                                     Wednesday 1st May


 Banded Events Tournament 

Sunday 19th May                             

Sunday  23rd June






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