Division 3 singles round 1 & 2 to be played before Christmas if possible

Scorecard in pdf and spreadsheet links

template scorecard.pdf

template scorecard.xlsx

Round 1

  1. J Guest v B Clark
  2. A Marshall v I Gomerson
  3. M Dale v I Fraser
  4. I Wells v F Darvill
  5. T Hood  beats B Morrison by concession

Round 2

  1. A Holey v D Crawford
  2. P Ivers v R Mackay
  3. R Simms v M Dale/I Fraser
  4. J Baker v J Tasker
  5. I Wells/F Darvill v J Guest/B Clark
  6. P Smith v R Montgomery
  7. F Lyn v P Crawshaw
  8. T Hood v N Ross
  9. E Williams v A Cunningham
  10. J Walker beat M Allan by concession
  11. T Farrar v E Mitchell
  12. J Rowley v G Apperley
  13. R Hill v H Henderson
  14. T Craddock v R Blunden
  15. A Marshall/I Gomerson v F Foric
  16. J Pickworth v A Pengilley
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