2nd round fixtures to be played w/b 16th December


  1. Wetherby A lost toKCC C 349-329 - Wetherby A v KCC C.pdf
  2. Ripon B beat Burnbridge E 378-355 - round 2 Ripon B v Burnbridge E.pdf
  3. St John Fisher C beat Spa A 383-364 - round 2 SJF C v SPA A.pdf
  4. Grammar B lost to Burnbridge D 377-317 - Grammar B v Burnbridge D.pdf
  5. Grammar A lost to Wetherby B 356-343 - Grammar A v Wetherby B.pdf
  6. Racquets F beat Spa B 398-340 - SPA B v Racquets F.pdf
  7. KCC A beat Grammar C 378-365 - KCC A v Grammar C.pdf
  8. Racquets I lost to St John Fisher D 351-319 - Racquets I v SJF D.pdf
  9. Racquets D bye
  10. Racquets Juniors lost to St John Fisher A 378-364 - Harrogate Juniors v SJF A.pdf
  11. St John Fisher B lost to Racquets E 411-347 - SJF B v Racquets E.pdf
  12. Racquets H beat Spa E 335-252 - Racquets H v SPA E.pdf  A Howell played for different team in earlier round so matches forfeit
  13. Ripon C won by Wetherby E conceeding
  14. Boston Spa A beat Burnbridge B 352-347 - Boston Spa A v Burnbridge B.pdf
  15. Boston Spa B lost to Wetherby D 442-321 - Boston Spa B v Wetherby D.pdf
  16. Spa C beat Oatlands 354-323 - SPA C v Oatlands.pdf
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