1st round fixtures to be played w/b 11th November

  1. North Stainley A lost to St John Fisher D 387-378 - SJF D v North Stainley A.pdf
  2. Racquets F beat Spa D 378-329 - Racquets F v SPA D.pdf
  3. Wetherby B beat Burnbridge C 368-333 - Wetherby B v Burnbridge C.pdf
  4. Spa A won by Racquets G conceeding
  5. Burnbridge A lost to Racquets I 385-378 - Burnbridge A v Racquets I.pdf
  6. Ripon B won by Racquets A conceeding
  7. North Stainley B lost to KCC A 378-345 - North Stainley B v KCC A.pdf
  8. Grammar A beat Ripley A 415-333 - Grammar A v Ripley A.pdf
  9. Racquets B lost to St John Fisher A 391-378 - Round 1 Racquets B v SJF A.pdf
  10. Grammar B beat Ripon A 412-378 - round 1 Grammar B v Ripon A.pdf
  11. Racquets C lost to Racquets D 376-360 - Rcaquets C v Racquets D.pdf
  12. Wetherby C lost to Wetherby A 378-360 - Wetherby C v Wetherby A.pdf
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