The league was the brainchild of Christopher Tilley and Michael Richardson (Mitch) along with the cooperation of Noel Foulkes (all being on the same chemistry course at the local college) and with the help of a PE lecturer at Flintshire Technical College.
The league started w/c 7th Oct 1963, and consisted of 12 teams as follows (alphabetically):

Buckley Lane End
Caergwrle BB
Courtaulds (Greenfield)
Flintshire Police
Flintshire Tech
Halkyn Cricket Club
Hawarden A
Hawarden B
Mold Youth Club
Over 21 Club (playing at Caergwrle BB)
St. Winifred's Youth Club (Holywell)

I think I am right in saying that I.E.P won the league in that first season, and Norman Tyson of I.E.P won the Men's singles in the tournament (held at Hawarden ?? - not sure of this venue).
A knock out competition was held on a handicap basis according to league positions at the halfway stage, and was won by Caergwrle BB. No trophy was available, but the following year,
D R Ledgard (Caergwrle BB) was elected President and donated a Challenge Cup, requesting that Caergwrle BB name should be engraved on it for the 1963-64 season even though the competition was not run as a strict challenge trophy. ( Mr Ledgard subsequently donated a Handicap trophy).

The following season there were applications from lots of clubs to join the league, and it was expanded to 3 divisions, and subsequently to 4 a couple of seasons later.

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