1. Do not come to the Centre if you are having any symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has been tested positive for Corona Virus symptoms

  2. All personal belongings to be taken on to the court at time of play and not left in the lounge.

  3. Players agree in advance to follow notices and guidance which are on display.

  4. Bring own personal bat and TT balls

  5. Wash hands regularly


  1. All League matches that have fixtures at BTTC have been allotted courts in advance

  2. On arrival at the Centre please give the names of your team members to the Bar Steward for logging onto the table allocation sheets. This will facilitate any track and trace requirements should the Centre be required to supply such information.

  3. The ‘home’ team shall be responsible for paying the table fee

  4. Team Captains will be responsible for notifying BTTC of any cancelled/postponed games. Teams not doing this before the scheduled match day will be charged for the table.

  5. As has always been the case all players using the Centre must be members of the Club and should pay their subscriptions in advance of them playing their first game. This can be done over the phone as there is now a credit card machine available. See the BTTC website for details of when to call.

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