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A new season is up and running. Unfortunately again this year we have had to run a "split league" due to lack of teams entering. The "split league" again involves all twelve teams playing each other once up to the Christmas Break. The teams will then be split into two divisions of six, each playing each other a further two times.

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Match Cards


Match cards this season should be forwarded to the Treasurer,
Kevin Jones, his address is on the reverse of the card or, if
emailing to

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New Players


Anyone who is interested in taking up table tennis or wish to return to this marvellous sport, please contact our Development Secretary John Keegan on 01924372677 or by email at

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Sharing Players


It was raised at the AGM whether players in the same club could help other teams, at that club, if they were short of players. Regrettably this will not be possible for the first half of the season, due to some teams feeling it may give an unfair advantage, and could be used to assist fellow clubs to finish in the top half of the league. This will be reviewed at the split to see if it can be incorporated in the second part of the season.

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The 1st round draw and results are as follows:- Dewsbury D at home to Barnsley YMCA - Dewsbury D won as Barnsley YMCA conceded Acre Farm E at home to Dewsbury C - Acre Farm E wan by 42 points Dewsbury B at home to Acre Farm B – Acre Farm B won by 21 points PWTTC at home to Acre Farm D - PWTTC won by 51 points Acre Farm A, Acre Farm C, Castleford YMCA and Dewsbury A all have byes through to the second round.

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