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It is now almost certain that we will lose the use of Tamworth Youth Centre for next season starting October 2017

We are contacting local venues to see if we can hire a suitable alternative, however you might know of a place which you think would be just what we are looking for. If this is the case I would be grateful if you would contact me with as many details as possible.  My mobile number is 07768 533385 and my e mail address is

Please have a think about this and get back to me if you have any ideas. Ideally the venue would be suitable to host the tournament, but somewhere that would take 2 or 3 tables could fulfil our league and training needs. We would then find a one off venue for the tournament.

One way or another we will find the right place, but your ideas would be very much appreciated.

Yours in Sport

John Kinson

Author: via Tamworth Table Tennis League
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