Minutes of the AGM 22nd May 2019

                              SHAW TABLE TENNIS LEAGUE

  AGM– 22nd May 2019 

   Welwyn Tennis Club, Ottway Walk, AL6 9AS




   Roy Hurley (Chairman), Richard Anderson (St Michael’s), Daniel Glynn (Townsend), Mike Kilner (Codicote), Andrew Walker (Harpenden), Dave Cocks (Digswell), Mike Harber (St.Albans), Dave Easey (St Albans), David Edwards (St.Albans), Roy Hames (St.Albans), Mike Gardner (Bricket Wood), David Wilson (Ellenborough), Matt Simms (Harpenden), Vadym Krevs (St.Michael’s), John Spiers (Welwyn),Hugh Miles (De Havilland), Ken Standbridge (Adeyfield), Doug Livingstone (TT England), Tony Ward (Elliswick), Adam Cohen-Rose (St.Albans), David Kempson (Tewin), John Sheridan (Tewin), Graham Waddingham (Kidston), John Pollard (Welwyn), Barry Donovan (Welwyn), Clive Bailey(Bricket Wood), Ethan Eaketts (Welwyn), John Kimsey(Radlett). Chris Wade (De Havilland). Alan Walker (Welwyn),  Alan Pears (Ellenborough), Harold Webb (Ellenborough).


1. Apologies

Tony Murrell(St.Michaels), Faith Frankel (Digswell), Gary Keers (St.Albans), Alex Kitchen Smith (Codicote), Reg Cheek (Potters Bar)


2. Minutes of last meeting

Richard Anderson proposed the minutes of the last meeting, Vadym Krevs seconded


3. Address the TTE representative, with regards the proposed new website & TTE fee reduction

Doug Livingstone from Table Tennis England was introduced by Roy Hurley.

Doug confirmed that Table Tennis England have cancelled their contract with TT365, who provide and manage the TTE fixtures website, provided to many English leagues through the TTE annual membership fee. 

Table Tennis England intend to provide a new website to replace the existing TT365 offer, starting next season 2019/20. This has created concerns within many English leagues, who have considered the TT365 web site to be the main benefit they got from the TTE annual membership fee. Some of the leagues have combined to submit a proposal to be considered at the TTE Annual General Meeting in June. The proposal is to reduce the individual TTE membership fee from £16 to £9, which would allow the TTE members to continue using 365 independently at no extra cost to their members.

It is important to note that if this proposal is passed it will significantly reduce TTE’s income. You have been given submissions from TTE and TT365 setting out their positions. We need to decide tonight whether the league should support this proposal to TTE or not. In making this decision we must take account of the effects of the loss of the TTE365 web site and the implementation of the new TTE web site and the additional administration required by the SHAW league officers. 

The vote was taken with the outcome being 14 members for the proposal and 14 members against the proposal, giving the Chairman the casting vote. Roy Hurley the chairman decided not to make a quick decision and would let the members no the outcome in the next few weeks.

Roy Hurley (Chairman)


4. Chairman’s report 

Welcome to the Welwyn Tennis Club and the 2019 AGM. Thank you for coming. I thank Alan Walker, for allowing the use of the premises. Let me introduce Doug Livingstone from Table Tennis England who is here to make a short address to explain their decision to cancel the contract with TT365. After he has answered your questions I will ask him to leave the meeting. We will then debate this issue and decide on what action we wish to take.

This evening we have a lot of important business with which we have to deal with. We have to make some important decisions. We also have to present trophies to all the successful teams and individuals. Accordingly, all the Officers, including yours truly, will make shorter reports than usual. However we are prepared to receive any suggestions you may make and are prepared to answer questions to amplify or clarify our reports.

I thank all the members of the Executive Committee and the Divisional Secretaries for their support, their contributions to the League and their hard work, which ensures the League continues to thrive. One sad thing. David Edwards who did a great job as Divisional Secretary for the Premier Decision has resigned. I am pleased to inform you that Matt Sims has offered to replace David. Please show your appreciation of David’s and all the League’s officers’ contribution in the usual way. I recommend that you vote for Matt later in the meeting.  


5. Match Secretary’s Report

Congratulations to St Michaels for regaining their Premier Division crown, their ‘C’ team for taking the 1st, Welwyn the 2nd, Tewin for romping through with a 100% record in the 3rd, Bricket Wood ‘C’ the 4th and all the other promoted sides quaking in their Bribar shell suits at the prospect of playing in a higher division. 

This is another reminder that it would be helpful to know if there were any teams out there planning on changing either (a) the number of teams likely to be entered into the league for 2019/20 or (b) requesting to play-up or play-down a division arising from a change in the relative strength of their playing squad that would otherwise not arisen from ‘normal’ promotion and relegation. I have already received a good number of proposed changes including the merger of the De Havilland side into Codicote and the expected return of the original Kidston first teamers.

Finally a reminder further to the mail sent on 17 May regarding expressions of interest back to Paul Waterman regarding the Warren Spring Table Tennis Club Diamond Anniversary two events on 9 and 10 November 2019.


6. Treasurers Report

John Spiers presented the accounts, which are available to download here: SHAW Final Accounts 2018-19.xls 

He was pleased to note that we have a surplus this year.


7. Harvey Shield Secretary’s Report

In Frank Sharpe's absence, Roy Hurley the chairman complimented Frank, as the final result between Tewin & Welwyn was a credit to the handicap system. 


The Harvey Shield Final

Tewin 4.5 (10.5) v 4.5 (10.5) Welwyn

The games and legs were the same, so the final result was based on the number of points won, which went to Tewin.


8. Closed Tournament Secretary’s Report

The tournament was run over 5 nights from the 8th to the 17th of April at St. Michaels Table Tennis Club as usual with no separate finals night this year.

Overall numbers were down to 39 entrants after withdrawals, the typical number is around 50.

There were clashes with other leagues still running and Easter but that is always the case.

Some people reported that they didn’t know about the competition. They perhaps should do as it always runs at this time and is mentioned in the handbook but nevertheless I will try to publicize it more next year.

The total number of event entries was actually more than 2 years ago so entrants entered more events each. The Junior singles was a stand out improvement over previous years, with up to 6 entrants from 0,2 or 3 in previous years. The standard was also higher with Eathan Eakets winning it over Colm Bushell.

Minor Divisions results were:

Division 4 Singles: Winner Lewis Budd, Runner Up Andres Howson

Division 3 Singles: Winner Nathan Reeves, Runner Up David Kempson  

Division 2 Singles: Winner Eathan Eaketts, Runner Up Colm Bushell

Overall Minor Divisions Round Robin Winners Playoff: Winner Eathan Eaketts, Runner Up Nathan Reeves  

The highlight of the Division 3 Singles was Nathan beating his father Andy Reeves and the Overall Minor Divisions Round Robin play standard was excellent with Nathan and Lewis both inspired by Eathan great play.

Thanks to Andrew Walker for running the Vets singles in my absence, the winner was Tony Murrell with runner up Vadym Krevs. The supervets singles Winner was first time Supervets entrant John McCance with runner up new entrant Alan Pearce of Ellenborough.

Three top Ladies could not enter this year due to injury or illness so the singles was restricted to three entrants and the doubles could not run. The singles was won by June Nelson with runner up Faith Frankel.

The Mixed Doubles entries were also restricted due to the above with regular winners Angela Smith and Nigel Finn notably absent. It was won by June Nelson and Kwai Kam of Elleborough with runners up Nick Denney and Gel Salter.

In the Open Handicap Singles stalwart John Stock was the winner, having the better of runner up and last years winner Nick Denney. The Open Singles event on the last night was won by Tony Murrell, who last won it in 2013-2014, with runner up Gary Keers.

Gary did fabulously well to knockout the number one seed and new entrant Muhammad Khalid 14-12 in the 5th in the semi-final.

Finally, thanks to Richard Anderson, Vadym Krevs, Tony Murrell, and others of St. Michaels for hosting the event at their club St. Michaels, including all the table setting up and putting away.

Thanks also to Dave Cocks for coordinating all the trophy retrievals and whole trophy engraving and management process.


9. Trophies Secretary’s Report

I’d like to say a personal thanks to Alan for coming over this afternoon to open up the club, so I could get set up. A thank you to everyone who returned the trophies in a good condition, for which I am most grateful, and thanks to the majority of clubs and players who were aware of their obligations to return the trophies to me in good time.


10. Election of officers & Other Committee Members

David Edwards initially asked to step down from his role as the “Premier Division Secretary”, with the outcome that David would take over from Matt Simms as the “2nd Division Secretary” and Matt Simms taking over from David as the “Premier Division Secretary”.  

Mike Gardner (Bricket Wood) proposed the change, David Wilson (Ellnborough) seconded the proposal.



President                                                      Mike Harber 

Chairman                                                      Roy Hurley 

Vice Chairman                                             Richard Anderson 

Secretary                                                      Daniel Glynn

Treasurer                                                      John Spiers 

Match Secretary                                         Mike Kilner

Tournament Secretary                               Dave Easey 

Hertfordshire County Rep                         Andrew Walker

Harvey Shield                                              Frank Sharpe 

Trophy Secretary                                        Dave Cocks

League Archivist                                          Tony Murrell


Executive Committee 

Mike Harber, Roy Hurley, Richard Anderson, John Spiers, Dave Easey, Frank Sharpe, Daniel Glynn 

Dave Cocks, Tony Murrell Andrew Walker


Other Responsibilties

Handbook                    Daniel Glynn                             Harvey Shield              Frank Sharpe

Development              Vacant                                       League Coaches          Andrew Walker


11. Any other business

Dave Easey asked the league members with regards changing the closed tournament dates to just after Christmas? Generally the members agreed that this could be a possibility, as long as the dates don’t clash with other league general events.

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