Notice to all members:

This year's ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Reading & District Table Tennis Association will take place at the Our Lady of Peace Club on Wednesday 5th June 2019 commencing at 7:30pm.

Please note: Each Club must have at least one registered player in attendance (see Rule 9.6).


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1. Adoption of Standing Orders (see RTT 16 07/04) 

2. Apologies for absence 

3. Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting 

4. Matters Arising 

5. Secretary’s Report 

6. Treasurer’s Report 

7. Development Officer’s Report 

8. Special Competitions Secretary’s Report 

9. Senior Inter-Town Match Secretary’s Report 

10. Junior Representative & Junior Competitions Secretary’s Report 

11. Proposed Rule and Fee changes (see below

12. Table Tennis England AGM and Decisions 

13. Election of the President, and the honorary officers 
    (i) President 
    (ii) Chairman 
    (iii) General Secretary 
    (iv) Assistant General Secretary 
    (v) Minute Secretary
    (vi) Treasurer 
    (vii) League Registrations Secretary 
    (viii) Publicity Officer 
    (ix) Newsletter Editor 
    (x) Special Competitions Secretary 
    (xi) Senior Inter-Town Match Secretary 
    (xii) Junior Representative & Junior Competitions Secretary 
    (xiii) Trophy Secretary 
    (xiv) Development Officer 
    (xv) Handbook Secretary 
    (xvi) Website Co-ordinator 
    (xvii) Divisional Fixture Secretaries (5 for the main divisions and 1 for the youth divisions) 

14. Election of the person to be nominated as ‘the Association’s League Representative Member of Table Tennis England’ (from the President and the officers) 

15. Election of an honorary auditor 

16. Any other business

Under Any other Business the committee invite comments on which playing system members would prefer for the 2019/20 season under rule 12.8


11. Proposed Rule & Fee Changes

Fees - there are no proposals to change RDTTA fees for 2019/20. 


11.1 Proposal from the RDTTA Management Committee


Amend Rule 12.12.6  - After the second sentence insert:

If under rule 12.8 the RDTTA Management Committee have authorised a system whereby points are awarded for each set won in a team match and teams finish level on points then league placing will be decided on the number of league matches won, and then draws. 


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