Presentation Evening 29th April

                              Presentations 2018                                      

Trophies sourced and organised by Sheila McKechnie, presented by Avril Haynes


Runners-up: Paul Mabbutt & David Browne        Winners: Guy East & Jake East                                                             


Runner-up: Jamie McNeil                 Winner: Vicky Coll

MEN’S DOUBLES (President’s Cup)

Runners-up: Paul Mabbutt & David Browne         Winners: Karl Bushell & Fraser Harris


Runners-up: Sharon Curtis & Roel Dullens           Winners: Christelle Rajapaksa & Lewis Waddup


Runner-up: Karl Bushell                   Winner: Elson Costa

LADIES’ SINGLES (Chandler Cup)

Runner-up: Dawn Pearce                 Winner: Christelle Rajapaksa

MEN’S SINGLES (Oxford Mail Cup)

Runner-up: Karl Bushell                   Winner: Elson Costa

Team awards:

                        Winners                      Runners-up                 Leading player*         

Div 1               British Rail                 Forum B                      Karl Bushell

Div 2               Forum E                      Vikings C                    Kiarash Shaddel

Div 3               Forum H                     Holton C                     Joe Rolls

2AS                 Temple                       Bicester F                   Edward Davis                                  

2AS: 2AS Cup*                                              Division 3: Ted Arnold Shield*                 

Division 2: Eric Minns Cup*             Division 1: Warner Cup*                       

Ken Ford (best junior newcomer to league):                    Christelle Rajapaksa            

Dave Hawkins Trophy (most improved junior):               Jamie McNeil

Hawkins/McKechnie (junior girl of the year):                    Vicky Coll              

McKechnie/Hawkins (junior boy of the year):                 Todd Stanmore         

Alan Hopwood: (outstanding services to the Association):     Justin Roake

CST 015

Karl Bushell wins the Warner Cup for the 26th time! He has also won the Hewitt Cup (Divisionals) 11 times. 

(all photos courtesy of Phil Waddup) 

CST 003

Bicester twins Miles and Edward Davis were the runners-up in the Two-a-side league

CST 012

League Chairman John Duncalfe collected the Division 3 trophy for Forum H

CST 018

Mark Pursey, Sharon Curtis and Joe Rolls (Holton C) came on a late run to snatch the runners-up spot in Division 3

CST 019

Forum E, represented by Kiarash and Farshad Shaddel, ran away with the Division 2 title

CST 016

Forum's Jamie McNeil was voted most improved junior

CST 013
Joe Rolls (Holton C) was both leading player and Divisional Champion in  Division 3

CST 017

The Alan Hopwood Trophy went to LMS and General Secretary Justin Roake

CST 008

Christelle Rajapaksa (Bicester) was voted best junior newcomer

CST 097

Vicky Coll was junior girl of the year (Hawkins/McKechnie)

CST 014

15 year-old Kiarash Shaddel with the Eric Minns Cup (leading player in Division 2)

CST 011

Edward Davis (13) was leading player in the Two-a-side league


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