Bob Phillips Trophyawarded forservices to the League 
Brian Hogg Trophyawarded toa junior player of whom the League is particularly proud
Victor Trophyawarded forthe outstanding performance in the Closed Championships
1984/85Cynthia Hursey  
1985/86Brian RowlenIain Vine 
1986/87Ken GladwellPaul AdamsTerry Walker
1987/88Shirley RowlenSteven HigginsJimmy Dove
1988/89Sheila HoweColin StallwoodChris Nye-Browne
1989/90Brian ThielAnne FaberJenny Higgins
1990/91Pete WhiteNeil HorwoodSteven Higgins
1991/92Barry HoweGary Cattermole(Not awarded)
1992/93Brian Baines(Not awarded)Kevin James
1993/94David Binns(Not awarded)Daniel Burrell
1994/95Tony Oswick(Not awarded)(Not awarded)
1995/96Dave Higgins (Windsor)Chris HarteDerek Wood
1996/97Frank NorthHamish McNair-WilsonClaude Snell
1997/98Angela BarrattDave HodgsonSheila Howe
1998/99Tricia SalterBrotherhood JJohn Hobson
1999/00Jenny HigginsLee PartridgeDavid Binns
2000/01John RiceKeiran LallyMatthew Bacon
2001/02Martin EastFelipe Rodriguez(Not awarded)
2002/03John HobsonAdam JacksonAdam Jackson
2003/04Mike HillierMatthew BaconEdel Ruddy
2004/05Rodriguez familyRussell Hillier(Not awarded)
2005/06(Not awarded)Jason FennerSam Beck
2006/07Iris HowlettPeter Hall(Not awarded)
2007/08Doug GreenDavid NorthNeil Crook
2008/09(Not awarded)Mark SmithColin Stallwood
2009/10(Not awarded)James Denyer(Not awarded)
2010/11(Not awarded)Adam WilkinFred Button
2011/12(Not awarded)Tom WilkinSam Hume
2012/13(Not awarded)Paul HumeJames Denyer
2013/14(Not awarded)Sam Hume(Not awarded)
2014/15(Not awarded)Jonathan FoundColin Stallwood
2015/16Ferdy RodriguezGracie EdwardsColin Stallwood
2016/17(Not awarded)(Not awarded)Daniel Young
2017/18Felipe RodriguezDaniel Young(Not awarded)
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