Friday Photos 99: Masters memories

This week there are a brilliant set of photographs from the Alan and Jose Ransome Collection. The event was a Norwich Union Masters. The question is what year were they taken and where? How many foreign players can you name?

Contact me on with any information.

Many thanks to everyone who provided information on the pictures from the 1985 Commonwealth Championships last week.

Officials: English umpires only – Back Row: Bill Lavis, Brian Rowlen, Jack Evans, Brian Webb, Roger Vardon, John Jermyn, Harry Spraggs, Jim McKenzie, Trevor Openshaw, Geoff Taylor, Brian Foggin. Middle Row: Doug Young, Les Smith, Gerald Hammond. Front Row: Richard Scruton, Tony Chatwin, Doreen Stannard, Heather Masters, Val Roffe, Di Jermyn, Ruth (from Australia).

Those in bright red jackets were from Canada.

Welsh Team:  Back Row: Nigel Tyler, Alan Griffiths, Nigel/Mark Thomas. Front Row: Lesley Tyler (Now Keast), Brian Everson (npc), Shirley Cain-Williams.

Scottish Team: Back Row: John Broe, David McIlroy, Richard Yule, David Hannah. Front Row: Janet Smith, Diane Grieg.

Jersey Team: Team comprised Eugene Ellis, Patrick Quinn, Frank Bouegeard, Pauline Edwards (Soper), Dawn Paisnel. Geoffrey Reed was the npc.

Guernsey Team: Back Row: Ian Gallienne, Steve Brouard, Ian Powell, Philip Hunkin. Front Row: Brian Powell (npc), Kay Chivers (nee Herquin), Anne Rihoy (nee Lesbirel).

Australian Team: No names.

This week’s photos

Overview of the arena
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7
Photo 8
Photo 9
Photo 10 – John Hilton in action
Photo 11 – Desmond Douglas in action
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