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Home Player Away Player Games Score
2-1111-511-411-7 1-0
11-811-87-1111-5 1-0
11-711-99-1113-11 1-0
10-1212-1011-44-1111-2 1-0
11-911-99-119-1113-11 1-0
11-711-511-6 1-0
11-611-27-1111-7 1-0
3-1112-1011-59-1111-5 1-0
6-114-1111-413-115-11 0-1
5-1111-85-1111-310-12 0-1
Recorded By: David Unwin 8 - 2

Match Report

Thurston Victors 8 - 2 Rougham Rangers -

27/11/2017 - Ian Freeman -

This game ended in an 8-2 win for Victors, but despite the result suggesting an easy win for the home side, it was anything but easy.

Only one match was won in straight sets, with no less than five matches going the full distance.
This was typified by the game between Mick Beale and Harry Williams. Mick took the first two sets by 11-9 and looked to be moving towards a comfortable win , but it wasn’t to be, as Harry, connecting with some great forehand hits, came storming back into it and took the next two sets also by 11-9. Harry looked to have all the momentum and was favourite to take the 5th and final set, but to his credit Mick dug deep and edged it by the narrowest of margins 13-11.

The best player for Rangers was Riya Kumar, who was the only away team member to win a single, and that was in yet another closely fought five set game against Mick and she successfully partnered Isaac Cunningham to win the doubles, again in five sets against Ian Freeman and Robert Duncombe.

Player of the match award has to be split between Ian and Robert, who both scored impressive maximums in their singles matches on the night.

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