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Home Player Away Player Games Score
11-89-1111-511-7 1-0
7-1111-76-1112-1011-8 1-0
6-116-114-11 0-1
10-1211-411-911-7 1-0
11-911-411-8 1-0
11-511-39-119-1111-9 1-0
4-119-1111-910-12 0-1
5-118-116-11 0-1
11-611-611-4 1-0
11-511-611-7 1-0
Recorded By: David Unwin 7 - 3

Match Report

Bury Romans 7 - 3 Bury Normans -

07/11/2017 - Tim Jolly -

All Aboard The Kin Rob Tim Express!

We welcomed back Robin Wallis to Bury after an absence of a few years, to be greeted warmly by many old friends - Robin will be playing for Romans this season. Kin Choi Chan is proving the player to beat, aggressive at all times. Robin professed to being a little nervous at first, however his game soon started to flow and landed two good wins on his return to action. When will Tim Jolly learn to play a forehand properly?!

For Normans, leading from the front, Goran Gelevski provided stiff opposition in defence and attack to bag a double, while Roger Whomes soon slipped easily into his distinctive defensive style. Sam Taylor had moments of brilliance in all aspects of his play, and although failing to land a win this evening, was only seen off by the narrowest of margins against Tim in five tough sets.

Man of the match Kin Choi Chan for winning all his three singles and combining with Robin to take the doubles.
An excellent match played in a good competitive spirit.

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