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Home Player Away Player Games Score
5-1110-1211-95-11 0-1
11-611-611-7 1-0
11-211-511-9 1-0
7-118-119-11 0-1
11-611-411-8 1-0
6-1111-211-511-4 1-0
9-1111-311-610-1211-7 1-0
8-117-118-11 0-1
11-211-711-1 1-0
7-116-114-11 0-1
Recorded By: David Unwin 6 - 4

Match Report

Thurston Victors 6 - 4 Bury Romans

30/10/2017 - Ian Freeman

This was a a match of the old veterans with one youthful interloper - and it was the speed of youth that won the day with Kin Choi Chan proving to hot to handle for the ageing Victors team, winning his three games and dropping only one set to Victors' Mick Beale in the process.

He was also ably assisted by Tim Jolly in the doubles to take that game in straight sets against Ian Freeman and Robert Duncombe. However, despite Kin’s best efforts, Roy (Pettit) and Tim, despite valiant efforts from them both, were unable to win any of their singles matches and Victors came out on top 6-4 on the night.

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