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Home Player Away Player Games Score
12-10 5-11 11-5 13-15 6-11 0-1
11-9 11-5 12-10 1-0
9-11 11-9 11-8 7-11 11-5 1-0
11-4 19-21 8-11 4-11 0-1
11-9 13-11 6-11 7-11 11-13 0-1
11-9 9-11 8-11 10-12 0-1
7-11 11-3 13-11 3-11 11-6 1-0
10-12 11-7 16-18 10-12 0-1
11-8 11-5 6-11 11-7 1-0
12-10 11-6 11-4 1-0
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Match Report

09/11/2017 - Paul McGerty -

A treble from Stowmarket’s Jack Samson was the stand out performance to earn his side a hard-fought draw away at Rougham. Against Paul McGerty in his first match it appeared to be going in Paul’s favour when leading 2-1, but a 13-15 4th game proved the turning point and Jack was able to go on and take the decider.

The 3-0 win to Adam Coombes in the second match against Scott Day was closer than the score line suggested but Adam produced a well-judged mix of aggressive forehands and care against Scott’s backhand pips to take it.

Next up Holly McGerty took on David Gough in, what turned out to be, a close 5 setter. David recovering well from 2-1 down but Holly powering though to win the 5th.
The night was already proving a marathon with the two other matches in the Rougham Sports Hall finishing during the fourth match between Adam and Jack. Adam flew through the first game and 10-7 up in the second looked set to go into a healthy lead. However, with his back to the wall (literally at times) Jack turned it around and took the game 19-21 and went on to win 1-3.

The fifth match between Paul and David was another loss for Rougham from a possible winning position. With Paul 2-0 up David came out with a more aggressive game to level the match at 2-2. Nets and edges usually equal out over a match but David managed to save a couple of pearls for the deciding game and complete his comeback.

The contest was now playing over 2 tables to make up time. Holly vs Scott on the far table was another close encounter, with Scott prevailing in 4 tight sets as Holly failed to deal with the pimples.
On the near table Adam faced David in yet another 5 set contest. This time the Rougham player took a different approach and lost the first game, with Adam then able to fight back to 2-1 up. David levelled with a comfortable 4th game win only for Adam to recover his composure and see out the 5th. This brought the match score to Rougham 3 – Stowmarket 4.

Contest of the night was Holly vs Jack. With the first two close games shared, the third was a big 16-18 win for Jack. At this point the quality of play on show brought several rounds of applause from those watching and brought play on the other table to a halt. Jack’s more aggressive forehand was just getting the upper hand in the 4th game and took him to an early lead. However, Holly wasn’t shaken off and levelled at 10-10 but couldn’t prevent Jack taking the game, and the match.

With Rougham now 3-5 down, Paul finally showed some form with a 4 set win against Scott before the most surprising result of the night - Adam and Holly winning a doubles match! Over the last two seasons they have proved to be one of the worst doubles partnerships, but this time everything clicked into place and they powered to a 3-0 win and gained Rougham the draw.

All in all, a very enjoyable, if late finishing, evening.

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