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Home Player Away Player Games Score
5-119-112-11 0-1
5-112-117-11 0-1
11-711-512-10 1-0
6-1112-1413-115-11 0-1
11-43-1111-311-5 1-0
3-113-114-11 0-1
11-211-711-5 1-0
8-119-118-11 0-1
6-119-113-11 0-1
3-114-1112-14 0-1
Recorded By: David Unwin 3 - 7

Match Report

Bury Vikings 3 - 7 Sugar Puffs

24/10/2017 - Terry Thompson

Sugar Puffs once again prove to be cereal killers

Bob "Hardman" Harman opened the scoring for Puffs beating "Terryble" Thompson 5,9 and 2.
Dom"inator" Melero carried on, beating Clive "Chopper" Grimwood 5,2 and 7, before Supersub David "Fairclough" Hall lost to "Clever" Trevor Cottee -7,-5 and -10.

These matches set the pattern for the night with only two matches lasting more than three legs, the exceptions being David getting a leg from Terry and, in the most watchable game of the night, Clive took a leg off Bob and had a chance of a second, with Bob sealing the deal in four.
Dom and Bob then teamed up to beat Clive and Terry in the doubles. All in all, another enjoyable night of table tennis.

*This report carries a disclaimer concerning the nicknames used, which bear no relation to living or dead persons - nevertheless Bob Harman would like it to be known he is not a "Hardman" as has been inferred above and as such is most certainly not the third Kray twin, despite rumours to the contrary.

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