At the club, we often get asked for advice on bats so have collated a list of FAQs from our members:

"Is there anything I need to know before buying equipment?"

There are a large number of companies offering a huge choice of equipment on todays market. We would always recommend seeking advice and where possible trying equipment before purchasing from a specialist supplier. A bat is effectively made up of:

-       A Blade

-       Two Rubbers

-       Glue

-       Edging Tape (Optional)

Things to be aware of when purchasing equipment:

-       A bat must have both a red and black rubber.

-       Equipment with the ‘ITTF’ logo from an established company is generally higher quality and is required for National and International tournaments.

-        Some older glue are now banned from use. Please ensure if buying glue that it conforms to new rules (we recommend Butterfly Free Chack glue)

"Where do I buy equipment from?"

Good quality table tennis equipment is not frequently available in large retail sports shops so we firmly recommend going to a specialist supplier. Most suppliers have a quick turn around time for bat make up and delivery. Bromley Table Tennis club are able to purchase equipment through Tees Sport at discounted rates whilst also providing free bat makeup and delivery service. Please speak to one of our coaches who will happily assist and offer advice.

"What bat would you recommend for beginner players?"

Our coaches recommended setup would be a blade with high control and some moderate paced rubbers. This is extremely important when learning the game, as this will encourage players to make shots consistently whilst keeping the ball on the table. When moving to a faster rubber to soon, you often see players stop playing a full short which ultimately hinders or limits their progression. As players develop, rubbers can be replaced with faster variations in alignment with the player’s development. 

There is a huge combination of bats and rubbers available on the market today and we would always recommend trying to find someone with a similar setup to try. We are currently recommending the below setup for beginner players wanting to progress their game:



 The Primorac blade is a great foundation blade for any player. We see this blade used by beginners through to some of the top players we have in the club. This therefore provides longevity of equipment as it supports players when they are ready to step up to a faster / intermediate rubber. 

The Primorac blade is also available in XXS size for younger players with smaller hands.


We would recommend either of the below two rubbers for our beginner players:





"How long will a bat last?"

 Rubbers do degrade overtime and the length of time a bat will last purely depends on how often you play. The general advice we would give to players is to consider changing their rubbers at the start of each season if playing multiple times a week. If you are playing more frequently than this, we would probably advise rubbers are replaced every 6 months. 

 The cost to replace equipment is not always cheap so we would always recommend looking after your equipment. We would therefore recommend a good bat cleaner, some protective sheets for your rubbers and a case. Bats should also be kept out of high heat environments and direct sunlight. 

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