Bromley Table Tennis Club is currently working with Helen Lower to bring 1-2-1 coaching into the club during our weekend sessions. Helen is a Table Tennis England level 4 licensed coach and regarded as one of the top coaches in the county. In addition to Helen's coaching credentials, Helen has vast matchplay experience having won numerous national titles throughout her playing career. 

Benefits of 1-2-1 Coaching

  • Full player analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses within your game
  • Build a specific training program designed for an individual player
  • Intensity training
  • Improve overall competition / matchplay knowledge
  • Match specific drills and tactics
  • Fitness training designed to strengthen the body for table tennis
  • Multi-ball training

Multi-ball is a training technique used to specifically practice a set area of your game. This is commonly used to speed up a player’s reactions, improve footwork/movement and develop overall technique. Multiball is great for development of skills in isolation to other scope by breaking down the stroke and correcting technique.


In addition to 1-2-1 sessions, Helen is also able to offer small group sessions which are also very popular with our members. Please contact Mark Nicholls or message us on Facebook for further information.

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