Peter Jackson
Ranking Stats
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Ranking Summary
Season Starting Points 1611
Results Count 12
Current Points (Calculated monthly) 1602
Current Points Season Change -9
Provisional (Calculated Daily) 1602
Provisional Season Change -9
Player Audit :: 12 Results
Opponent (Rating) Weight Date Your Rating Result Link Bonus +/-
Christian Ward (2528) 0.5 28/10/2015 1834 LOSS 0 0
Michael Harrison (2205) 0.5 28/10/2015 1834 LOSS 0 0
Jack Garner (2250) 0.5 28/10/2015 1834 LOSS 0 0
James McGaw (2158) 0.5 04/11/2015 1834 LOSS 0 0
Kannan Nithi (2261) 0.5 04/11/2015 1834 WIN 0 20
Simon Nolan (2534) 0.5 04/11/2015 1834 LOSS 0 0
Rob May (1704) 0.5 11/11/2015 1854 WIN 0 2
Colin Astbury (2224) 0.5 11/11/2015 1854 WIN 0 15
Dann Mitchell (1698) 0.5 11/11/2015 1854 WIN 0 2
Rob May (1754) 0.5 23/03/2016 1873 LOSS 0 -4
Dann Mitchell (1725) 0.5 23/03/2016 1873 WIN 0 3
Colin Astbury (2320) 0.5 23/03/2016 1873 LOSS 0 0
Total Points:  38

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Rankings Explained
The Table Tennis 365 ranking scheme is a cumulative point based system that produces an ordered list based on relative playing standards. Read more detailed information here.

About Your Rating
The rankings listed on this page are for Bradford Table Tennis League. To see your ranking in other organisations please visit their website. To view your (or any other players) full ranking audit, click on the player name.

Why am I not on the list?
If you are not listed but you expect to be, there are a few reasons why.

1. Are you a member of this organisation, check your Table Tennis England membership record.
2. Check with the Bradford Table Tennis League administrator to make sure you have met their criteria for inclusion.
3. You may not have a rating, this happens automatically usually it takes less than one month, so check with the Bradford Table Tennis League administrator if you have played in more than 6 matches, with at least one win for a period of longer than one month.

How Ratings Are Calculated
A rating is based on your season starting points and then applying all the ranking changes accrued from every match played that is counted for ranking. If you play in multiple leagues the effect of all matches will be noticeable on your rating. Note: If the league you play in does not use TT365 league manager the results are not counted.

Periods Explained
Current period is based on the entire season's results which is from 1st August to the end of the last full month. You can view historic period data by clicking the more periods button. Provisional is based on the points from the current period, plus all calculated result to date. Click here to see when the scheduled ranking run dates.

Note: Whilst Table Tennis 365 do power the Table Tennis England & Table Tennis Scotland national ranking systems, this ranking scheme is operated independently by Table Tennis 365. If you have queries relating to these rankings, please direct your query to your local league or club administrator, who will respond or feed queries that cannot be answered by them, to us. Do not contact Table Tennis England or Table Tennis Scotland about these ranking lists.