15th November 2018

Champions Topspin A stormed to the top of the Red Goat York & District Table Tennis League as they whitewashed promoted Clarence B 10-0. Fourteen-year old Moke Warburton played superbly on her York debut to beat the experienced Nathan Horsley but this could not prevent Coneysthorpe A suffering a 6-4 reversal against York RI A. Mick Wilcockson and Rich Crowther starred as York RI B prevailed 7-3 against Clarence B to register their first victory of the season. Arthur Sorley played well to beat top defender, Tom Needham but this was the only bright note for Shiyi Ling B as they went down 9-1 to Coneysthorpe B. A treble from Nathan Horsley allowed York RI A beat Shiyi Ling A 7-3 and a maximum from Aidan Ranftler proved decisive as Clarence A edged out York RI B 6-4.

In division two Richard Ingleby is having a fine season and his maximum made the difference as Bootham B edged a close encounter with Poppleton 6-4. Leaders Bootham A whitewashed an under-strength Clarence D 10-0 whilst Stephen Temple and John Flintoft steered Ryedale A to an 8-2 victory over Clarence E. An unbeaten effort from Mark Blackburn was the highlight at York RI D and Wigginton & Haxby A shared the spoils in a 5-5 draw. University B registered an excellent 6-4 win over previously unbeaten Clarence C. Michael Connolly was undefeated for the students, including the scalp of Graham Hatfield, who suffered his first loss of the season.

In division three, Wigginton & Haxby B are short-odds favourites for the title after successive 9-1 victories overt Clarence F and University C with Mark Hodgson and Sam Crutchley both remaining unbeaten. It was also a good week for Paul Kozyra who contributed trebles for Shepherds B in both a 6-4 victory over Ryedale A and a 6-4 loss to York RI E. Strensall B showed no mercy as they whitewashed BT B 10-0 and Clarence F were too good as they thrashed South Bank 9-1. Braces for Gary Tranter and John Hughes were matched by Oliver Kossoff and Kieran Podbury as Shiyi Ling C and University C ended the night all-square in a 5-5 draw. Nigel White and Howard Broadbent were on top form as BT A cruised to a 9-1 victory over York RI F.

In the fourth division Wigginton & Haxby C underlined their title credentials with Rich Bayliss and Ian Oxborough untroubled in a 9-1 demolition of University D whilst Wigginton & Haxby D remain in second place after whitewashing their E team. Maximum hauls from Alison Young and Mike Belton helped Clarence G secure their first victory of the season, 8-2 versus Shiyi Ling D and a treble from Dom Horsley allowed a depleted York RI G to scramble a 5-5 draw against Shepherds C.

8th November 2018

Defending champions Topspin A took the opportunity to close in on leaders Coneysthorpe A, who did not have a match this week, at the top of the first division of the Red Goat York & District Table Tennis League. Jon Wooldridge led the way with three wins in an 8-2 defeat of Coneysthorpe B, including a 19-17 win in the fifth against Mike Polkinghorn, who won two for the visitors. James Atkins and Joe Wright won 2 each for Topspin. Maximums from Mikey Arnold and Bryan Birkbeck for Shiyi Ling A in a 9-1 thrashing of Clarence B kept up their challenge, while University B beat York RI B by the same score thanks to trebles from Calum Goodwin, Tsz Tang and Huilan Zong. John Farmery and Aidan Ranftler picked up three wins each as Clarence A defeated Topspin B 8-2.       

Division Two is proving to be very competitive this season. University B played twice this week and their 11 points catapulted them from bottom to fourth in the table. Maximums from Frank Feng and Michael Connolly saw them defeat Wigginton & Haxby A 7-3, but they succumbed to two-man Bootham A 4-6, for whom Gareth Bryning won three and Ian Hilton two. Gary Bunce’s three wins for Clarence D could not save them from a 6-4 defeat against joint-leaders Shepherds A, for whom Will Beedham and Ian Williams won two each. Rich Harrison won three for Bootham B in a 5-5 draw with York RI D, whilst a maximum from Stephen Temple helped Ryedale A defeat Poppleton 8-2

Three wins each by Howard Broadbent and Dave Simpson for BT A in an 8-2 defeat of York RI E ensured that they maintained their challenge at the top of Division 3. Thomas Cuthbert won his team’s only three points as University C lost to Clarence F by 7-3. Ed Wardman won three for Ryedale B in a 5-5 draw with BT B.

In Division 4, 15-year-old newcomer Dom Perry won his first match for York RI G in their 5-5 draw with Clarence H. Wigginton & Haxby C’s convincing 9-1 defeat of a depleted York RI G confirmed their position at the top, but it was a closer encounter between second-placed Wigginton & Haxby C and third-placed University D, with the students prevailing 6-4 thanks to a treble from Kieran Podbury. University also beat bottom-placed Shiyi Ling D 9-1 with Podbury again winning three and supported by Aaron Graham who also won three. Shiyi Ling D also went down to Wigginton & Haxby E 7-3 whilst a maximum from Nigel Baker helped Shepherds C to defeat Clarence H by the same score.

31st October 2018

In the first division of the Red Goat York & District Table Tennis League, Michael Polkinghorn and Martin Lowe led the way as Coneysthorpe A defeated Clarence B to remain in pole position. Champions Topspin A whitewashed an injury-stricken York RI B whilst John Farmery and Aidan Ranftler were unbeaten as Clarence A thrashed Shiyi Ling B 9-1. A treble from Calum Goodwin was the highlight as University A posted a 7-3 victory over Topspin B.           

York RI C head division two after braces from Tim Smith, Ady McClaren and Andy Kirk helped them to a 7-3 triumph over York RI D and Richard Ingleby was on top form as Bootham B beat Clarence D by the same margin. Marcin Kotlinski bagged a treble on his Poppleton debut, as the villagers defeated Clarence E 8-2. An excellent unbeaten effort from Paul Halmshaw could not prevent Wigginton & Haxby A suffering a 6-4 reversal against Bootham A and Shepherds A eased to a 7-3 victory over University B thanks to the unbeaten Ian Williams.

In division three, a treble from Sam Crutchley made the difference as Wigginton & Haxby B retained their 100% record with a 6-4 victory over Clarence. A maximum from Paul Kozyra was the highlight as Shepherds B shared the spoils with University C in a 5-5 draw. Paul Lodder was in superb form as Clarence G recoded an excellent 7-3 victory over Ryedale B while Dave Simpson and Howard Broadbent were untroubled at BT B cruised to an 8-2 win against South Bank. York RI E thumped their F team 9-1 with Marcin Ziolek and Mark Antrobus both unstoppable. Simon Prins starred for second placed Strensall B in an 8-2 triumph over Shiyi Ling C.

In the fourth division Wigginton & Haxby C are the new leaders after they prevailed 6-4 in a close tussle against their D team, with Nathan Fairburn, Rich Bayliss and Malcolm Sandlan all contributing two wins. Wigginton & Haxby E fared less well as Nigel Baker inspired Shepherds C to a 7-3 win.

25th October 2018

Aidan Ranftler was on top form in the Red Goat York & District Table Tennis League as his treble allowed Clarence A to edge a close encounter with Coneysthorpe B 6-4 whilst Calum Goodwin and Huilan Zong led the way as University A cruised to a 9-1 victory over Shiyi Ling B.

In the second division, it needed a maximum from Mike Robinson for York RI D to see off a dogged Clarence E for whom Jason Chinnian bagged a brace and veteran Keith Webster continued his excellent early season form as Shepherds A defeated Wigginton & Haxby A 6-4. Richard Ingleby recorded three wins as Bootham B overcame University B 8-2 although the match score does not reflect the battling performance by the students with six sets going to the deciding game. A treble from Stephen Temple was the highlight as Ryedale A posted a 6-4 victory over Clarence D.      

Wigginton & Haxby B continued their domination of the third division as they whitewashed Shepherds B 10-0 and Russ Scott was on top form as Clarence F defeated Strensall B 6-4. A second successive maximum from Daria Golubova could not prevent University C suffering a 7-3 reversal against BT A and a depleted South Bank battled hard to share the spoils in a 5-5 draw with York RI F. A maximum from Dave Burnham was decisive as Ryedale B beat Shiyi Ling C 6-4 whilst Marian Broadbent was in superb form as BT B drew 5-5 with Clarence G.

In the fourth division, Wigginton & Haxby C have stilled not dropped a set after they whitewashed Shiyi Ling D 10-0. Their D team have played one game more and still head the table as Clive Pottage starred in a 6-4 victory over York RI G. Three wins from Nigel Baker allowed Shepherds C to register a 6-4 win over University D. Tony Fairburn and Leszek Kozak excelled as Wigginton & Haxby E defeated Clarence H 8-2 and a treble from Kieran Podbury allowed University D to clinch a 5-5 draw against York RI G.

19th October 2018

In division one of the Red Goat York & District Table Tennis League, Martin Lowe and Lennart Lukosch steered leaders Coneysthorpe A 7-3 to an 8-2 victory over York RI B. Champions Topspin York A beat Shiyi Ling B 8-2 although Tom Thorp and Arthur Sorley picked up shock wins over Adam Ridley. A treble from Calum Goodwin could not prevent University A suffering a 6-4 reversal against Coneysthorpe B and Shiyi Ling A edged a close encounter with Topspin York B 6-4.

Division two leaders Clarence C defeated York RI D 6-4 thanks to an unbeaten effort from Graham Hatfield. A maximum haul from Gary Bunce was not enough for Clarence D to avoid defeat as they went down 6-4 to Poppleton. Chris Maude and Paul Seeking were in top for as Clarence E thrashed University B 9-1 although the students bounced back in style later in the week as Frank Feng and Doug Muirhead were undefeated in a 7-3 victory over an under-strength Ryedale A. Braces from Rich Harrison and Richard Ingleby allowed Bootham B to see off a determined Wigginton & Haxby A 6-4 with John McLaughlin and Paul Halmshaw each posting 2 wins for the villagers. An excellent victory for Alex Kirk over the experienced Ian Hilton was the highlight as York RI C defeated Bootham A 6-4.                       

In division three, Wigginton & Haxby B continued their excellent start as they cruised to an 8-2 triumph over BT A with Sam Crutchley and Mark Hodgson leading the way. A fine treble from Mike Surtees was not enough to prevent Strensall B edging a close match against Shepherds B 6-4. York RI E beat a two-man South Bank 8-2 and a treble from Andrea Potter allowed York RI F to secure a 5-5 draw with University C. A maximum from Ed Wardman was decisive at Ryedale B defeated Clarence F 6-4 and Ryan Jowsey starred as Shiyi Ling C beat BT B by the same margin. Three wins from debutant Daria Golubova was enough for University C to secure a 5-5 draw versus York RI E. 

In the fourth division, with Wigginton & Haxby C inactive, their D team took advantage and replaced them as leaders after whitewashing Shiyi Ling D 10-0 with Andrew Male, Clive Pottage and Steve Cameron unbeatable. University D made it successive victories as captain Kieran Podbury led them to a 7-3 win over Clarence H and Tony Fairburn starred as Wigginton & Haxby E defeated York RI G 6-4.

11th October 2018

In the first division of the Red Goat York & District Table Tennis League, Topspin York B defeated Coneysthorpe A 7-3 to join them as early pacesetters. Martin Lowe was unbeaten for the villagers. Shiyi Ling A thrashed their B team 9-1 but the B team’s Tom Thorp turned in the performance of the night beating the highly rated Bryan Birbeck.

Clarence C head a competitive second division as trebles from Rob Farmery and Graham Hatfield helped them secure a 7-3 victory over Clarence E. Bootham A beat York RI D 6-4 although Ian Hilton was surprised by railway’s Paul Greenwood. A maximum from Frank Feng could not prevent University B suffering a 7-3 reversal against Poppleton whilst Tim Smith was on top form as York RI C moved into second placed with a solid 7-3 win over Shepherds A. Helmsley based Ruth Purseglove was unbeaten on her York debut as Ryedale A cruised to an 8-2 victory over Wigginton & Haxby A with Stephen Temple also contributing 3 wins. Clarence D secured their first victory of the season as they edged out University B 6-4 with Peter Corner and Gary Bunce bagging braces.

Wigginton & Haxby B underlined their third division title credentials as they whitewashed York RI F 10-0 to assume pole position. A maximum haul from Simon Prins was the highlight as Strensall B and BT A ended honours even in a 5-5 draw whilst John Hughes used all his experience as Shiyi Ling C defeated Clarence G 7-3. Michal Slezak was unbeaten as South Bank earned a 5-5 draw versus University C and Clarence F beat BT B 8-2 with Terry Nicholson untroubled.

In the fourth division Wigginton & Haxby C whitewashed Clarence H 10-0 to move to the top of the table and Andrew Male starred as their D team recoded a 7-3 victory over an experienced Shepherds C team. A treble from student Kieran Podbury was decisive as University D saw off Wigginton & Haxby E 6-4 in a tight encounter.

4th October 2018

In the Red Goat Climbing York Table Tennis League, Topspin York A started their defence of the division 1 title with a 7-3 victory over Clarence A with Yoni Caspi on top form. Their B also made an excellent start, defeating Clarence B (8-2) and York RI A (6-4) with James Atkins unbeaten in both matches. Shiyi Ling A and Coneysthorpe B shared the spoils in a 5-5 draw as braces by Joel Wright and Paul Young were matched by Bryan Birbeck and Mikey Arnold. Shiyi Ling B had a tough start to the season as they were whitewashed by York RI A and then beaten 9-1 by Coneysthorpe A. However, Tom Thorp played superbly to claim the scalp of Lennart Lukosch. Martin Lowe and James Rule teamed up to steer Coneysthorpe A to a 9-1 triumph over their B team.

In division 2, Ady McClaren started the season in superb form as his trebles helped York RI C to first secure a 5-5 draw versus Ryedale A and then a 7-3 victory over Bootham B. Rob Farmery and Graham Hatfield posted maximums as Clarence C thrashed Bootham A 8-2 whilst a maximum from Ian Williams was the highlight as Shepherds A beat York RI D 7-3. Bootham A whitewashed division two new boys Clarence E and promoted Wigginton/Haxby A beat Poppleton 8-2 thanks to Paul Halmshaw and John McLaughlin. Shepherds A and Clarence C fought out a 5-5 draw as did Clarence E and a depleted Clarence D.                            

In the third division, a treble from John Temple was the highlight as Strensall B defeated York RI E 8-2. Wigginton & Haxby A B started the season in style firstly whitewashing South Bank 10-0 then defeating York RI E 6-4 with Mark Hodgson unbeaten. Ed Wardman recorded 6 wins for Ryedale B in in consecutive 6-4 victories over York RI F and BT A. A treble from Terry Nicholson made the difference as Clarence F saw off Shiyi Ling C 7-3 and a two-man BT A edged out BT B 6-4. Paul Kozyra was on top form for Shepherds B with maximums in victories over both Clarence G (6-4) and BT B (9-1). Strensall B thrashed York RI F 9-1 but railway’s Anne Barnard played well to defeat John Temple. A maximum haul from Bob Fitzsimmons was decisive as Clarence G defeated Clarence F 7-3.          

In the fourth division, Wigginton & Haxby C whitewashed their E team with Nathan Fairburn, Rich Bayliss and Malcom Sandlan too strong whilst Wigginton & Haxby D recorded an 8-2 victory over Clarence H with Andrew Male and Clive Pottage untroubled.

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