2018-19 Winter League Fixtures

Winter League Fixtures and Grading Lists are now available on the website.

Once again a handbook is not being produced but a Fixtures & Venues Sheet is available to print if required. For best results print on both sides of a sheet of A4 paper and fold. It is available in two formats (MS Word and PDF). Click on the appropriate link:
Fixtures & Venues Sheet 2018-2019 (PDF)
Fixtures & Venues Sheet 2018-2019 (MS Word)

Division 2 teams please note that Bootham A play their home matches at York RI and Bootham B play at Bootham Conservative Club.

Promotion and relegation play-offs: According to Rule 1.1.2 there will be play-offs between runner-up in Division 2 and second-bottom in Division 1, and between runner-up in Division 4 and second-bottom in Division 3 at the end of the season.

Please note that University’s fixtures that fall outside term times have been rearranged as follows:
University A (Division 1)
Thu 27/09/2018 Thu 04/10/2018 Clarence A v Uni A
Thu 06/12/2018 Thu 22/11/2018 Shiyi Ling A v Uni A
Fri 14/12/2018 Fri 05/10/2018 Uni A v Topspin A
Thu 21/02/2019 Tue 19/02/2019 York RI B v Uni A
Fri 22/03/2019 Fri 01/03/2019 Uni A v York RI A
Thu 28/03/2019 Thu 21/02/2019 Coneys A v UniA
Fri 05/04/2019 Fri 08/03/2019 Uni A v Shiyi Ling A
Thu 11/04/2019 Thu 28/02/2019 Topspin A v Uni A
University B (Division 2)
Tue18/09/2018 Wed 03/10/2018 Clarence D v Uni B
Fri 07/12/2018 Fri 02/11/2018 Uni B v Wigg&H A
Tue 11/12/2018 Tue 09/10/2018 Clarence E v Uni B
Wed 20/03/2019 Wed 27/02/2019 York RI C v Uni B
Wed 03/04/2019 Wed 09/01/2019 Wig&H A v UniB
Fri 12/04/2019  Fri 15/02/2019 Uni B v Clarence E
University C (Division 3)
Thu 27/09/2018 Thu 04/10/2018 South Bank v Uni C
Mon 03/12/2018 Mon 19/11/2018 Strensall B v Uni C
Fri 14/12/2018 Fri 09/11/2018 Uni C v Wigg&H B
Fri 22/03/2019 Fri 22/02/2019 Uni C v BT B
Wed 27/03/2019 Tue 26/02/2019 Ryedale B v Uni C
Fri 05/04/2019 Fri 01/03/2019 Uni C v Strensall B
Wed 10/04/2019 Wed 27/02/2019 Wigg&H B v Uni C
University D (Division 4)
Fri 28/09/2018 Fri 05/10/2018 Uni D v York RI G
Fri 07/12/2018 Fri 30/11/2018 Uni D v Shepherds C
Wed 20/03/2019 Wed 27/02/2019 Wig&H D v UniD
Fri 29/03/2019 Fri 08/03/2019 Uni D v Wigg&H C
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