York and District Table Tennis Association 90th Anniversary

2017-18 is the Association's 90th Anniversary season. A sub-committee to plan events has been set up and a number of ideas have been proposed. Volunteers are required to take these and run them. If you are interested then please contact Richard Crowther (richardcrowther23@tiscali.co.uk).

A number of ideas have been suggested:
- One-Star Open  tournament to be held at York RI on Saturday 25th November 2017. Richard Crowther and Mick Wilcockson are organising this. 
- Bagshaw Trophy to be a one-day event during the mid-season break. Tim Smith is organising this.
- Social event / reunion / dinner, inviting past and present players. VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED.
- Collection of pictures, press reports, handbooks, etc. for publication on the website and/or display as part of a reunion (see previous item).  VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED.
- Anniversary Badge: This could be costly and difficult to know how many to produce. One idea was to ask players whether they would want a badge or not and then only order badges for those who do.
- Holding tournaments throughout the year. These could be  handicap events, pairs events (e.g. a current league player paired with a non-league player), drawn team events. VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED.
- Come-and-try sessions: Events could be run at Rowntree Park and Haxby where there are outdoor tables. Volunteers to be found to encourage people to try and old bats and balls to be provided for participants. York station has been used by a lady encouraging people to come and try and she should be approached to co-ordinate with flyers or details regarding the 90th Anniversary and the York league. VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED.
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