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 12 June 2018

 Registered Players 
 1Ryan Pitt1971 
 2Peter Windley1898 
 3Trevor Carter1825 
 4Robert Garson1718 
 5David Carter1628 
 6Ian Hockley1569 
 7Steve Siggs1568 
 8Frank Neill1406 
 9Colin Griffiths1278 
 10Adam Garson1111 


*Ranking points taken from the current Ranking List



Group 1 
 A1 Ryan Pitt40121140851st 
 B9 Colin Griffiths04112811415th 
 C5 David Carter134101061364th 
 D7 Steve Siggs22871371203rd 
 E3 Trevor Carter3194117992nd 
 1ARyan Pitt111111

A B  
 BColin Griffiths3 67

 2CDavid Carter114 7 8
D C 
 DSteve Siggs4 111111
 3ETrevor Carter3 2 9

A E 
 ARyan Pitt111111

 4BColin Griffiths5117 10
C B 
 CDavid Carter1181112
 5DSteve Siggs117 7 8
E D 
 ETrevor Carter4111111
 6ARyan Pitt111111 
A C 
 CDavid Carter8 58 
 7BColin Griffiths4 4 4

D B 
 DSteve Siggs111111

 8ETrevor Carter111111 
E C 
 CDavid Carter3 73 
 9ARyan Pitt117 1211
A D 
 DSteve Siggs611107
 10BColin Griffiths89 3  
E B 
 ETrevor Carter111111 


Group 2 
 A2 Peter Windley3*1951411143rd 
 B8 Frank Neill1339771214th 
 C6 Ian Hockley3*11051471251st 
 D4 Robert Garson3*11151741352nd 
 E10Adam Garson043121241685th 
 1APeter Windley111111

A B  
 BFrank Neill5 31

 2CIan Hockley48 117
D C 
 DRobert Garson1111711
 3EAdam Garson7 6 9

A E 
 APeter Windley111111

 4BFrank Neill678  
C B 
 CIan Hockley111111 
 5DRobert Garson209 1111
D E 
 EAdam Garson181156
 6APeter Windley789 
C A 
 CIan Hockley111111 
 7BFrank Neill5 2 7

D B 
 DRobert Garson111111

 8EAdam Garson1191208C E 
 CIan Hockley8 11101111 
 9APeter Windley14129511A D 
 DRobert Garson121011116 
 10BFrank Neill111111 
B E 
 EAdam Garson868 

*The 3-Way tie was decided by the win ratios between the 3 players.

play-off matches


Play-Off Matches 
 11-1Ryan Pitt111111

 2-1Ian Hockley976

 21-2Trevor Carter696

 2-2Robert Garson111111

 31-3Steve Siggs91011119 PWSS 
 2-3Peter Windley111294 11 
 41-4David Carter11691111DCFN 
 2-4Frank Neill411115 5  
 51-5Colin Griffiths1191111
 2-5Adam Garson61186


Final Positions

 Final Positions 
 1Ryan Pitt  
 2Ian Hockley  
 3Robert Garson  
 4Trevor Carter  
 5Peter Windley  
 6Steve Siggs  
 7David Carter  
 8Frank Neill  
 9Colin Griffiths  
 10Adam Garson  
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