Handicap 2016 - 2017

 Finals to be played at YMCA on the 21st April.


Semi Finals Matches


Worcester Bats v Upton Lions

YMCA Falcons v FHWMC C


Quarter Finals Matches


St Martins v Worcester Bats

Worcester H v FHWMC C

YMCA Falcons v Jays A

Elizabethans v Upton Lions

All matches to be played by 17 March 2017


Third Round


Worcester Bats Beat Codgers

Jays A Beat Jays B

YMCA Falcons Beat Non Blonds

Worcester H Beat T4

St Martins Beat Lost Echo

Elizabethans Beat Enigma

Second Round Matches


Codgers v Bats

Himbleton A v Lions

Falcons v Non Blondes

Lost Echo v St Martins

Jays B v Jays A

Nemesis v FHWMC C

Himbleton C v Elizabethens

T4 v Worcester H


First Round Results


T4 beat Cripplegate by 153 1/2 points

Himbleton A beat St Georges by 26 1/2 points

Nemesis beat Rainbow by 1/2 points

Jays B beat Manor Park Dynamos by 100 1/2 points

Lost Echo beat Legionaires by 1 1/2 points

Falcons beat Broadheath Belters by 17 1/2 points

Himbleton C beat FHWMC Enigma by 5 points


First Round


All matches to be played week starting 14th November

Himbleton C v Enigma

Jays B v Manor Park Dynamos

Legionaires v Lost Echo

Nemesis v Rainbow

Codgers v Kites

Cripplegate v T4

Falcons v Broadheath Belters

Himbleton A v St Georges

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