Handicap 2015 - 2016

Finals Results 8th April 2016

University of Worcester

1-Handicap teams 2016 012

Worcester H

1-Handicap teams 2016 014

Worcester University, in only their second season playing in the Worcester League, managed to win the Team Handicap Competition, despite being at the bottom of the League’s 3rd Division.  Their team was Niall Herbert at No. 1, Jack Davies No. 2 and Malte Witz (Team Secretary) at No. 3.  Niall Herbert had only played in 5 matches during the season, otherwise the team would have finished in a much higher position.  He had won all his games in Division 3 and is such a good player that he had also played up in Division 1 on 2 occasions and had a 100% record wins in the top Division also.

Niall was well supported by Jack and Malte who gained valuable points against the Worcester ‘H’ team of Richard Hawking, Mal Box and Milko Hadzhigenov.  Worcester ‘H’ all played  very well, picking up valuable points over the 3 doubles at the end of the match.  From being 2 points behind at the end of the 9 singles they gained 11 points over the 3 doubles games.  However the University team, in view of their position at the bottom of the Division, were given a Handicap of 74.5 points giving them a very easy win.

Final 8th April 2016

 University of Worcester  v Worcester H

Match to be held at the YMCA on Friday 8th April from 7pm.

All are welcome to see the action.

Results 29th February 2016

Here are the results of the Handicap Competition played recently:-

University of Worcester   beat    Jays B                                by 4.5 points

A cracking match in the University Arena with both sides really enjoying the night.

Last match in this round due to be played next week.

Results 30th November 2015

Here are the results of Round 1 of the Handicap Competition played recently:-
Himbleton A                       beat    YMCA Codgers               by 122.5 points
University of Worcester   beat    St. Georges                     (game forfeited)
Genever Convention         beat   Broadheath Belters        by 11.5 points
Lost Echo                            beat   Rainbow                            by 27.5 points
Nemesis                              beat    Jays A                                by 43.5 points
Worcester H                       beat    YMCA Enigma                  by 56.5 points
FHWMC C                            beat    Himbleton C                    by 33.5 points
Upton Lyons                       beat   YMCA Falcons                  (game forfeited)
Jays B                                   beat    YMCA Kites                      by 72.5 points
Cripplegate Guild              beat     FHWMC B                        by 118.5 points
T4                                         beat     Manor Park Dynamos   by 47.5 points
The Draw for Round 2 – to be played during the 2 weeks commencing Monday 21st December – is as follows:-
University of Worcester     versus  either St. Martins or YMCA Elizabethans
Upton Lyons                        versus  Worcester H
Himbleton A                        versus  Jays B
Nemesis                               versus  FHWMC C
Genever Convention         versus  Cripplegate Guild
T4                                          versus  Lost Echo
It is up to the home teams to contact their opponents to arrange matches and to book their venues.
Will all players please note that matches being played at the YMCA should finish by 10 p.m.

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