About Worcester Table Tennis League

The Worcester Table Tennis League was formed in September 1932, making season 2007-08, the Leagues Seventy-fifth Anniversary year.

In 1932 the League started with 9 teams and was so popular that the following season it was extended to two divisions to cater for 18 teams.

It wasn't long before table tennis really got a hold on the sporting life of the city and inter-league matches were organised with other midland clubs and exhibition matches were staged at the Shirehall and the Public Hall with international players Victor Barna and Richard Bergmann being the star attractions.

By 1939 there were 34 League teams with more than 200 players, but it was in the ten years after the Second World War that table tennis enjoyed its hey-day in Worcester.

Exhibition matches and Inter-League matches featuring men's, ladies, intermediate and junior sections packed in crowds of 300 at a time and were followed by sit-down meals and speeches.

When Worcester teams played away matches coaches were hired to take the teams and their supporters.

In 1983 when the League celebrated 50 years of Table Tennis there were 70 teams in 6 Divisions plus 2 Youth Divisions.

Ten years later in 1993 the number of teams had dropped to 40 in 4 Divisions quite a dramatic decline in only 10 years.

At the end of the 2006-07 season, the League struggled to find a Chairman and a Secretary and its future looked in doubt however new members took up the challenge and the League survived, with 2 divisions.

The 2010/2011 season has seen the League increase the number of teams to enable 3 divisions to be created.

The table tennis sessions on a Tuesday (Summer Only) and Sunday (All Year) night's at the YMCA St John's have encouraged the Worcester folks to once again join up.

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