Handicap Week 2 Report Dec 10th to 14th

Welcome to the second instalment of the Team Handicap report.

Once again we had some very close results. There were two games decided by only 7 points with Nemesis and Dynamos taking this honour. The largest win was by the Elizabethans who over came a deficit to win with a 64 point victory. All the others were between 12 and 23 point victories. There was also a good mixture of teams from all 3 divisions picking up wins.   

In Group A This weeks matches were JLM Lions v Dynamos and T4 v Lower Wick Tigers. As I have not received the score card yet from the JLM v Dynamos game is that the Dynamos recruited Charlie Burford and David De Souza from St Martins B to complete there line up along with Matt Hodges and ran out winners by 7 points. Thank you Charlie for letting me know who won. The other game in this group was postponed by T4 as they were unable to raise a team. Currently this group is led by Dynamos but is still wide open with one more set of games to play.

In Group B second division Nemesis took on third division Non Blondes in a match which ended up being the decider as Cripplegate Guild have pulled out of the competition. Nemesis were represented by regular players John Philips, Steve Mulka and subbing in Andy Banks from St Martins B. Non Blondes were represented by Mark Jefferies, James Douglas-Osborn and Gaz Long. The game proved to be very close with Nemesis overcoming Non Blondes +155 handicap to win by 7 points. The strongest player for Nemesis on the night was Steve Mulka who had a points difference of +50 and for Non Blondes was Mark Jefferies with -24. So congratulations to Nemesis who will take there place in the main handicap knockout stages and also to Non Blondes who will compete in the consolation knockout stages.

In Group C second division Enigma took on third division FHWMC 'C' All I know about this match is that FHWMC 'C' won by 15 points as I was only sent the final score. The result means that Enigma are illuminated and St George's and FHWMC 'C' will battel it out in January for first and second.

In Group D we had second division Cutnall Green Codgers 'B' taking on Worcester H. This match witnessed the Codgers overcoming a deficit of 125 to win by 13 points. The Codgers were represented by David Brown, Paul Pattison and Paul Egerton, while the Worcester H line up included Richard Hawking, Mal Box and Phil Newport. The Codgers strongest player on the evening proved to be the doubles with a +41 point difference and for Worcester H it was Richard with a -8 point difference. So it goes to show the doubles can be important in these games. The result means that the Codgers win the group having won both there matches. Worcester H and the YMCA Falcons will battel it out for second spot in January and to progress into the consolation knock out stages.

 In Group E the two St Martins teams came head to head in a battel of top Division 3 against bottom of Division 2. To throw the cat among the Pigeons the A team had the handicap advantage of 20 points. This proved to not be enough as the B team from Division 3 came out on top by 12 points. The A team line up was Simon Gibson, Mike Sledge and James Deutsch while the B team line up consisted of Andy Banks, Charlie Burford and Janet Hunt. Mike Sledge led the A team with a points difference of +13 and for the B team it was Charlie Burford with +19 point difference. This group is still wide open with both St Martins teams have one win each and Rainbow could still take first or second place by defeating St Martins B in January.

 In Group F we had an all Division 2 clash between Broadheath Belters and Jays B. The Belters team of Jim Ahern, Ken Hipwell and Peter Roberts put up a spirited battle but were unable to hang on to there 35 point handicap advantage, as Tomasz Borek, Jesse Bunn and Mark Shouler of Jays B won out with a margin of 23 points. The Belters strongest player on the night was Jim Ahern with a +18 point difference while Jays B were lead by Tomasz Borek with a +39 point difference. This leaves the group wide open as JLM Tigers take on Jays B in January while Belters will sit back and hope the results go in there favour.

In Group G the Elizabethans consisting of Leon Claxton, Dave Elliott and Dave Bradley on loan from Upton Lions overcame Lost Echos Ryan Field, Robin Barton and Alex Isaacs despite giving Lost Echo 85 point start. The Elizabethans were lead by Leon who had a point difference of +48 and Ryan lead the Lost Echo resistance with a difference of -13. This is another tight group with both Himbleton and Elizabethans sitting on one win each, but Lost Echo can still upset the apple cart by defeating Himbleton in January.

In Group H JLM Panthers took on Upton Lions firstly congratulations to the Panthers for competing in the spirit of the event and fielding a guest player with a scratch handicap as he does not play in the Worcester League So I hope Chris Dyson enjoyed the evening. As a result of this Upton won out with a comfortable 150 point victory. The Panthers line up was Mike Bonds, Liz Hallam and Chris Dyson, while Upton fielded Roger Davies, Paul Davies and Dave Bradley. The Panthers strongest performer on the night was Mike Bonds with a point difference of +22 and for Upton it was Paul Davies with -6.  This group is now between Codgers A and Upton who will do battle in January. But once again hats off to the Panthers for completing both there games with only  2 handicapped players in both games.

 Good luck to all the teams playing in January.


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