Team Handicap Report for 19th Nov to 23rd Nov 2018

 Welcome to my first WTTL Team Handicap tournament report of the season.

 Firstly I would like to thank all those who made the effort to come out and play in a positive and friendly way in this competition. As on the whole I believe the week was a success and we ended up with some very close results with the closest only being 5 points difference at the end of the evening. The largest gap with both sides having full teams was 63  which is only a difference of 1.5 points a game. There was also a mixture of teams from different divisions winning matches.

The week started off on a bit of a negative with the first two notifications I received were from Cripplegate Guild and T4 conceding there games to Nemesis and Dynamos respectively. I found this a bit disappointing after the hours of my own time organising the competition. 

The results then started coming in the first one I received was from Cutnall Green Codgers A (Div 1) who played JLM Panthers (Div 2). This result was a little one sided in favour of the Codgers due to the Panthers only showing up with 2 players.  The Codgers fielded Steve Doraell, Mark Fiddion and Richard McKenna, while the Panthers fielded Mike Bonds and Phil Steers.  Hats of to Mike and Phil for making the effort to show up and put in a spirited performance with the odds stacked against them.

Himbleton (Div 1) 625 v Elizabethans (Div 2) 603

Himbleton had there hands full in this battle featuring there usual line up of Rob Hatherly, Adam Throssell and Mike Rogers they faced a tough Elizabethans team of Leon Claxton, Tom James and Dave Eliot. Tom put in a great performance in taking all 3 games off Mike Rogers and supported well by Leon who took 2 games off Mike and one off Adam.  Unfortunately for the Elizabethans Himbleton were just  to strong on the night and eventually ran out winners by 22 points.

Lower Wick Tigers (Div 3) 638 JLM Lions (Div 1) 701

The Lower Wick Tigers team consisting of Neil Angell, Martin Reed and Leo Tarrant put up a spirited battle against JLM Lions consisting of Stef Mytton, Ali Witheford and Sean Witheford but they proved to be to strong for them as the Lions ran out winners by 63 points. despite Martin taking a game of Ali, and Stef. Neil also had a good evening taking 2 games of Stef.

St Georges (Div 1)  656   Enigma (Div 2) 597

The ST Georges team of Dale Dickinson, Geoff Woodward and Paul Smyth prove to be to strong for Enigma represented by Richard Bennett, Lukasz Kulesa and Nick Carrol. and won out winners by 59 points.

JLM Tigers (Div 1) 542  Broadheath Belters (Div 2) 574

The Broadheath Belters team of Pete Roberts, Ken Hipwell and Dave Bradley travelled to Evesham to take on the Tigers and came away with an upset victory by 32 points. The Tigers were also hit by one of there players taking ill during the evening so not completing his fixtures. The Tigers were represented by Luke Moffit, Alex Emms and Luke Fisher. Broadheath were not impressed by there opponents as felt they were given no respect as they played with a hand in there pocket and weren't playing in the spirit of the competition. They realise there's a big gulf in standard but they made the effort to make the trip to Evesham to play they should have been sown a bit more respect.  

 YMCA Falcons (Div 1) 559 C G Codgers B (Div 2) 568

The Codgers B team of Phil Harrison, David Brown and Paul Egerton travelled to the YMCA to take on the Falcons Travis Foster, Brett Brining and Graham Thompson, and came away with a shock win by 9 points. At the start of the evening the Codgers felt they were going to be well and truly beaten, but kept pugging away and picking up points so it goes to show that never give up in a handicap game. 

 Rainbow (Div 1) 586  St Martins A (Div 2)  591

In a very close fought match St Martins A, Mike Sledge, Simon Gibson and James Deutsch over came there Division 1 opponents Rainbow, Pete Griffiths, Mark Clinton and Lukasz Gatkiewicz by 5 points in the closest match of the week. 






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