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  1. Singles League rules follows the standard ETTA ‘Rules of Table Tennis.’
  2. Each match consists of the best of 3 sets each set comprising of 11 up.
  3. All players should familiarise themselves with the ‘Score Sheet’ at the beginning of the evening.
  4. All matches will be played in the order of the published ‘Score Sheet’.
  5. All players are required to umpire matches as published in the ‘Score Sheet’.
  6. Players should not leave the playing area if they are next on the table or required to umpire the next game.
  7. Players are allowed a 2 minute only ‘warm up’ immediately prior to their next match.
  8. Players are entitled to a 1 minute only ‘break’ between each set.
  9. There will be strictly no timeouts.
  10. Scoring boards will be used during matches.
  11. Players must check in strictly no earlier than 7.00pm
  12. No ‘warm up’ will be allowed after 7.30pm, when all scheduled matches will start.
  13. The Expedite Rule will be initiated at the Organisers discretion.
  14. Players must register online, in advance of the night they wish to play.
  15. Registration will be accepted up until 11.00am on the day of the Tournament.
  16. Those without email can send a text message to either Chris Tarr or Ron Morgan.
  17. Entrance fees are £5.00 for Woodfield Club Members, £5.50 for non-members.
  18. Entrance fees must be paid on the night of the Tournament.
  19. Entry to the playing area will be forbidden until all appropriate monies are received.
  20. Registration will be on the basis of first come, first served.
  21. Cancellation.
      • All cancellations must be made by email, telephone or txt msg to Chris Tarr.
      • Cancellations received 1 week before the date of the cancelled event, will not be charged.
      • Cancellations received inside the 1 week rule are subject to full charge at the discretion of the organisers
      • Cancellations received with less than 48 hours notice, will always be charged.
      • Cancellations after 2pm on the day of the event, will be charged and are subject to a fine of £5.00.
      • Players who register, but fail to attend, may be refused entry to further competitions and are subject to a fine of £10, in addition to their entry fee.
  22. In the event of any dispute the Organising Committees’ ruling will be final.
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