Woodfield Table Tennis Club provides excellent coaching for all levels and abilities


Head Coach:  Christopher Tarr 

Chris Tarr is the Woodfield Head Coach, providing the overall coaching programme for the club.

Chris is a Level 3 Coach with many years experience working with juniors of all levels from the beginner to advanced. Chris has a track record of developing numerous players of Regional standard and above. Chris has also coached in primary & secondary schools for a number of years.

Beginners & Improvers Coaches

Woodfield supports all levels of table tennis and is particularly interested to encourage young new players into the sport. We have several coaches who have a lot of experience in encouraging and supporting young and beginner players.

Stefan Baranek

Stef has been a player at Woodfield for over 10 years, 3 years ago he decided to take his level 1 coaching course. Stef coaches our young junior/beginner players on a Wednesday at the session 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm. As a level 1 coach Stef is able to offer support and time for our younger players to help develop their table tennis skills and help them improve and become better players.

Intermediate & Advanced Coaches

At Woodfield it is also possible to get advanced coaching for players wishing to take their technique to a higher level. We are able to help our young players improve their national ranking and effectively compete at tournaments up to national level.

Desmond Douglas 

Des provides a unique and high level expertise for our more advanced junior players. Des's coaching expertise is built from his own significant achievements in the sport, which includes reaching number 7 in the World Rankings and then the numerous national titles.  Des's input with the Woodfield juniors has helped many of the club players achieve excellent results at national tournaments.







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